The prevailing pump price of fuEl in the South East as against the standard set by the Federal Government and operationable in other states, calls for concern.

While the pump price was fixed at N97 per litre through negotiation with the Labour  after the week-long protest early in the year, this agreement is being breached in the South East (in Imo in particular) where the contentious N120- N150 per litre persists.

The discriminatory price index makes a mockery of the negotiation which now places the South East (as usual) at a disadvantage while other states get fair treatment.

Government should have fore seen the problem of price fixaTION between the point of import and that of the end-user, to adjust the litre price in such a way that it would not mock removal of subsidy as a joker!

Although the Federal Government’s reversal on the much-orchestrated palliatives. arising from the removal of fuel subsidy, leaves much to be desired, the South East should not remain the proverbial ‘whipping boy’ of the federation.

The Federal Government’s various agencies, especially the price control variant in association with marketers should seize time by the fore-lock to put the South East consumers on an even keel with their counterparts in the other states of the Federation.

Such a move would give full meaning of the deregulation drive of the Federal Government to the people, including South-Easterners who appear to be short-changed in the bargaining

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