More investors flee South East

The economy of the South-East geo-political zone is under threat of collapse, following the incessant abduction of key players in the sub-region.

Many entrepreneurs in South-East are understood to have relocated or are planning to relocate to other states, because their security cannot be guaranteed in the new wave of killings and maiming of citizens in South-East.

Their fear is that kidnapping appears to have defied all security measures put in place so far.

Ndigbo, therefore risk, losing investments to other states or climes in the process.

Prominent people, afraid of being siphoned of their hard earned cash as well as being thrown into agony as a result of an indefinite period of incarceration by the hoodlums – all at the risk of death opt to go on exile until the ‘wave’ subsides.

The general opinion is that a situation of capital flight would set in, even in cash-strapped economy; it is also feared that the contemplation would usher in an untold brain-drain, whereby professionals and academics who might be encouraged by this option, would sell their ‘wares’ elsewhere.

The move, unless checked, would further impoverish  Imo State, now seen to be galloping to recognition as a model state.

Reacting to this situation, a professor in one of the universities in the state, quipped: “honestly, one cannot heave a sign of relief in a harsh and unwelcome environment like this. A situation where you cannot go about freely or even stay at home without the fear of possible lurking mad dogs, is not ideal for human settlement.

“I will certainly check out after carting away my family to a safer home – other peoples’ home – since lam not adequately protected in my state”, he proffered.

Another potential ‘fugitive’ (not in this case fleeing from justice, but in actual fact fleeing from danger at home), described the exile option as well-thought out.

His words. “lets leave  the state for them, for  a while… but meanwhile, let the government have a dialogue with the ringleaders, just as it was suggested in the case of the marauding Boko Haram jihadists”.

The general belief is that the kidnapping spree is another Boko Haram version in the South East, just as the former operates only in the North.

People are being trailed wherever they are sited by gaily dressed youngmen pulling jeep vehicles as cover for their devilish designs.

They use all arts and devices to reach their target, mostly people from rich homes.

Some surreptitious moves were suspected last week by some vigilant citizens whose moves to a hospital were being trailed by some hoodlums in two jeeps, who, thinking that their targets were heading to a particular direction, sped past them, obviously waiting for them to be caught in their web.

Unknown to them, their targeted victims reversed their vehicle and returned home.

Such uncontrollable kidnap attempts have driven fear into prominent citizens most of who are professionals, into  thinking of going on exile.


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