Bishop stresses humility among leaders

Leaders at all levels have been challenged to emulate Jesus Christ in leading a life of humility and service.

The Bishop Diocese of Oru, the Rt Rev Geoffrey Chukwunenye, PhD, threw the challenge while preaching a sermon at the Cathedral Church of Emmanuel, Mgbidi, during a special service to mark the Palm Sunday.

The Right Rev Chukwunenye who attributed most problems in society today to struggle to belong to the high class, frowned at get-rich-quick syndrome among the youth and the insatiable tendency of the rich and stressed that the present hardship can be moderated when people resolve to be their brothers’ keepers.

Taking his theme from Phil. 2:5. Bishop Chukwunenye remarked that Jesus Christ had no fleet of vehicles or mansions and other landed property which many earthly kings today have accumulated for themselves and their generations, yet no king has ever lived who is worshipped and celebrated as Jesus Christ.

He called on Nigerians to shun ill-gotten wealth and work hard to justify their wealth.


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