Easter: Message of Christ’s resurrection

Today is Easter Day, another great occasion in church calendar celebrated in most parts of Christendom.

It is celebrated in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ who was crucified for proclaiming Himself King of the Jews.

The journey which terminates today (Easter Day) began last Friday (Good Friday) when he was nailed on the cross.

Last Sunday, before the crucifixion of Christ, Christians observed His triumphal entry toJerusalemwith precession through the streets, singing and waving of palm fronds as part of the epochal occasion.

Described as the anniversary of the Resurrection of our Redeemer, Easter falls on the first Sunday after a full moon on or after the 21st of March each year.

The celebration of Easter peters into nothing if the message of the epochal occasion is lost on the faithful.

This in itself erodes the stream of Christian faith amongst the adherents.

What comes to mind at this turn of the century in Christendom is the heretical dimension of certain priests (leaders of their various congregations in thei various churches and parishes) in the Western World in particular who, under the misguided approval to civilizinig religion, have fallen head over heels on orthodoxy.

Regaining themselves as ‘gay’ priests, carrying along supposedly predatory lay congregation, these misguided bigots have, unknown to themselves, opened frosts of attack by other evilly-disposed faiths scheming to disrupt the flow of evangelism in Christian missionary.

According to reports, the Catholic Pope, Priests of both the Anglican and Catholic faiths would meet this April to put a seal on the raging controversy of same-sex marriage now tearing the veil of Christian.

Wish these perverts in cloistered researches learnt the lesson inherent in the death and resurrection of Christ.

The risen Christ is indeed the “first fruit of them that slept”.

Speaking of the resurrection of Christ, Paul explained it all:  “If Christ be not risen, then is our preaching is vain, and your faith is also vain. Ye are yet in your sins….”

Christ’s resurrection, the anniversary of which is being celebrated throughout Christendom today should serve as a salutary lesson and message to the faith full not to backslide in the faith and become tools in the hands of the jihadists.

That message is rigid faith in ones belief as espoused in the scriptures.

No ordained man should turn tail or allow himself to be used as tool for profligacy.


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