Vol. 12 No.13 Sunday April 8 – 14 April, 2012 Eze Ohiri defends 4th tier govt in Imo

The Chairman of the Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers and traditional ruler of Obi Orodo in Mbaitoli local government, Eze Sam Agunwa Ohiri, has mounted a robust defence of the proposed 4th tier government in the state which has received knocks from some quarters.

Speaking to a team of Christian Voice senior journalists in an interview conducted in Igbo in his office last Monday, Eze Ohiri dismissed those criticizing the arrangement as those who have personal grouses against their traditional rulers or those resolved to oppose any good policy by the government of the day.

He recalled that for years that the allocations to the local governments which were meant for the development of the rural communities have not been used for the purpose. He said that Governor Okorocha has to come out with the 4th tier government concept after a careful research and study to accelerate grassroots development.

The traditional ruler envisaged that two years after the take-off of the fourth tier government in the state, that the level of grassroot development inImoStatewould marvel the world.

In a powerful argument Eze Ohiri demolished the opposition by some to traditional rulers being the chairmen of their community councils on the grounds that such would get them deeply involved in partisan politics.

He contended that the  traditional rulers being the chief security officers in their kingdoms cannot effectively play such roles without being the political heads of the community councils.

In a solid logic, the head of traditional rulers inImoStatenoted that the president, governors and local government chairmen are the chief security officers at their respective tiers in their capacities as the political heads and wondered why such a right would be denied the traditional rulers in the 4th tier government.

He vouched for the integrity of most of the traditional rulers in Imo State adding that many of them are responsible men of have for years been sponsoring some projects in their communities and would not mishandle funds meant for the development of their communities.

He posited that the throne, right from history serves as a collateral for the occupier which he loses once he fails to measure up to the status and warned his fellow traditional rulers that they stand the risk of losing their throne if they tampered with funds meant for the development of their communities.

































































































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