Amawom land owners unhappy with Govt

Amawom village of Owerre Nchi Ise are unhappy over what they allege to be unfair acquisition of their land at Area K, World Bank axis of Owerri but the President General of Owerri Community Assembly, Chief Sir Christian Oweaya Anukam, has called on the people to go about the matter peacefully.

Addressing the leaders of Amawom Renaissance Youths recently, Chief Anukam also advised government to listen to the views of the people and enter into dialogue with the real owners of the land at Area K assuring that they have no intention of disrupting government’s developmental projects in view of the fact that the entire Owerri community voted massively for the present administration during the last election.

Speaking at the occasion, the leader of the group and former chairman of Owerri Municipal Council, Hon. Macdonald Ebere, alleged that they have been deprived of the only parcel of land belonging to the land owners and recalled that the pervious administrations in the state had left the parcels of land fallow as the matter is still in court.

He accused the government of bulldozing the whole area and in the process destroying economic trees and erasing the boundaries demarcating individual ownership.

Hon. Ebere refuted the widely-publicised government’s claim that government had paid compensation on the parcels of land  to Owerrri community adding that Owerre people do not have communal lands.

He then appealed to the government to give the land owners  a percentage of he land and use the rest for developmental purposes to ensure equity and fair play.

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