Boko Haram attacks at Christian festivals

There is no masking the truth any further, that the ongoing apparently ‘unstopped’ genocidal drive of the sectarian Islamist group called Boko Haram, may have been a drumbeat for the  much- talked- about religious  war  meant to be staged by Moslems against their  perceived  unbelievers.

This nation is  ingrained in the now widely known fact that the target of attacks by the Moslem fundamentalists are the Christians in the North, their places of worship and other  establishments. Reason: to cow Christians into  toeing the Moslem  line of faith.

Confirmation of this is the selective nature of the Boko Haram operation at Christian festivals. We witnessed a bizarre situation last Christmas and Easter celebrations with a frightening toll on human lives.

Last Sunday (Easter Sunday), the hoodlums struck inKadunato disrupt the joy of the commemoration of the resurrection of our redeemer, Jesus Christ. Is that not sufficient signal of a looming jihad by mindless bigots  of the sect who, we are bound to recall, are enjoined in the Moslem proverb to “light your (their) lamp first at home and afterwards at the mosque”. These extremists should show, by example, that the religion they profess, is one of peace.

Although we do not encourage reprisal attacks on the assailants, such vitiate the canon of Christian ethics, it is however important to note that the military is on the stand-by to halt the march.

The military top brass has expressed such assurance – an assurance to deal decisively with the Boko Haram sect.

Such an assurance, if carried out to the letter, would raise the hopes of a beleagured citizenry.

It is common knowledge that Boko Haram elements are itching for a confrontation with the political leadership of this country who are bound to protect targeted victims.

The statement by the military authorities is sufficient alarm for them to retrace their steps. As they have turned down all appeals for dialogue and peaceful resolution of areas of conflict, they demand no less than force.

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