“Eh eh eh eh, the Lord is good oo. Everything na double double”. If you think you heard it all when you heard, “Radical for Jesus, Oh Oh Oh, radical for Jesus, Oh Oh Oh, radical for Jesus, I am a radical for Jesus”, you are greatly mistaken. Many people danced that song as if the only way to go to heaven was to dance more than others by a show of how many times you can jump up, twist your head or punch the air in one second. It was so until we started telling people that the best way you can show what radical you are for Jesus is by practical Christianity, which ordinarily involves willingness and ability not to compromise the sculptures, and to be involved in the dissemination of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, if you want to wake up a sleeping congregation, just tell the gospel band to play “Everything na double double”. When you do, just sit down and watch! If you do, you will certainly ask yourself whether this is how selfish people can be. “Eh eh eh eh, the Lord is good oo!  Everything na double double”.

How good are we to this God from whom we expect “double double”? Double blessing Double grace! Double peace! Double prosperity! Double everything except sickness, death and other evils! How prepared are we to do His work or serve Him “double double”? Do you see where our selfishness lies?

Let me say it from the beginning that it is not by swinging off your head from its root that you will get the double blessings of God. It is only by doing the will of God.

How pleasant it will be when you dance with the real expectation of God’s double blessing on you! How pleasant it will be before God when you are not using the song to justify your double deals, double concubines, double “godism”, that is, one leg in God and the other in Satan. We surely cannot serve God and mammon at the same time. The Bible says so (Mt. 6:24). In the same vein, we cannot have the coin with Caesar’s head in the same purse where we put the one belonging to God. We must give Caesar his own and give God His own (Mt. 22:21).

As children of God, we have the right to expect double blessing in the city and in the country, double fruit of the womb, double blessings in terms of our crops, our livestock (the calves of our herds and the lambs of our flocks), our baskets and kneading trough.

We have the right, as children of God to expect double blessings when we come in and when we go out. However, there are certain things that will qualify us for all these blessings. Let us now go ahead and examine those things, starting with obedience to the commands of the Lord. God demands full obedience to and following of His commands from us to be able to harvest His numerous blessings (Deut. 28:1-6).

When the Lord called Abram, He told him to move to a place He would show him. Abram obeyed without questions. (Gen.12:1-9). Then God told him to sacrifice to Him his only son whom he loved and he obeyed without questions (Gen. 22:1-18). For this the Lord assured him that His blessings upon him would be “double double” and it came to pass (Gen.22:15-18). You can just be another Abraham if only you obey God, as fully as Abraham did.

“Everything na double double!” This definitely does not include a murderer who kills in disobedience to God’s command that we should not kill (Ex. 20:13). It does not include the thief who steals despite God’s injunction that we should not steal (Ex.20:15). It does not include idolaters because the Lord has said “you shall have no other gods before me” (Ex. 20:3).

“Everything na double double!” It does not include those who are busy breaking homes, those who oppress widows and orphans, those who hate justice with passion, those liars who are in enmity with the truth, slanderers, gossipers, the greedy and the hypocrites, even if they dance that song from now to tomorrow.

Can one ever work in Leventis and expect to be paid by John Holt? Take a typical home where the mother goes to market, for instance. When she comes back, she will distribute those things she brought from the market to only those who carried out the instructions she left before going to the market. She would finish giving them and start giving them a second round (double) while the “bad” ones would be far away watching. This is the way God blesses! He would bless those who obey His commands “double double”.

There are other biblical characters who, no doubts deserve to sing, “Everything na double double “. These were people who trusted     God and God blessed them beyond measures. One of such people was Job.

Job was someone who at a point in time in his life could be properly described as a sitting corpse, something obviously less than a walking corpse. God allowed Satan to touch his body and not his soul. Of course, Satan did over time on him and so much afflicted him that his friends who came to sympathize with him could not talk with him for seven days (Job 2:11-13).  They merely sat down and bemoaned what their friend was passing through and when they eventually found their tongues, there was no single word of encouragement from them. The worst was Job’s wife. At a time like that, all she could do was to ask Job to curse God and die (Job. 2:9).

Have you ever seen a woman, well, a normal woman, going to her husband and saying to him, “I am now ready to be a widow. Give up your struggles for life and die?” This was like what Job’s wife said. But the Bible says that Job held on to his integrity and in the end, he triumphed over the dark powers of sickness, death and tribulations. Indeed, the Bible says that “the Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the first. For instance, after his children had died while Satan was at work, he had seven sons and three daughters. The Bible also testifies that “nowhere in all the land were there found women as beautiful as Job’s daughters”. Job himself saw his children and their children to the fourth generation (Job 42:12-17).

“Eh eh eh eh, the Lord is good oo. Everything na double double”. Yes oo! They were “double double” for Job because he trusted upon God and never gave up on him. He refused to be persuaded to sin against God. He persevered to the end.

I do not know what your attitude to tribulations are! Would you curse the day you were born whenever you are faced with one diffcult situation or another? Would you deny the obvious fact that God exists? Just remember Job! Just remember that you might just have been another Job! Just remember that your song in the end could be, “Eeh eh eh eh, the Lord is good oo. Everything na double double”.

Another biblical example is Hannah. She was a woman loved by her husband, but God closed her womb. Her co-wife who had children kept provoking her to irritate her. She decided to take her problems to God. She did not go to Satan or native doctors to ask that the womb of Peninnah her co-wife, be tied or her children be made useless. She did not go to any place to ask that her husband might hate Peninnah and drive her out of their matrimonial home. She went to God to table her problem and ask for her own child. Even then, she was prepared to give back that child to God if God heard her prayers. She indeed vowed to do so (1 Sam. 1:1-11).

One thing is that if Hannah did not trust that God would do it for her, she would not have gone to God in prayers. And so, when God answered her prayers, she returned the child Samuel to Him in due course. But because she did so, God gave her three sons and two daughters (1 Sam.2:21). Can’t you see? “Eeh eh eh eh, the Lord is good oo. Everything na double double”

I do not know if you are that woman who has been out there for years in search of the fruits of the womb. It may be someone out there has been irritating you by reminding you to your face how your husband married his fellow man and brought into the house as a wife.

Perhaps, your husband is on fire. His mother wants him to marry another wife, a real woman! His sisters are giving him automatum to throw you out of the house and marry a wife of their choice.

Perhaps you are not as lucky as Hannah whom the Bible says was loved by her husband. May be your husband is fast losing his love for you because you “cannot” give him a child, or may be, a son.

What are you still doing? Crying or going from house to house to complain? Do you know you might be complaining to people who are waiting for your husband to throw you out so that they can come in?

Rise up! Take your problems to the Lord with the heart of Hannah. Who knows, all your conceptions might give you twins! “Everything na double double!”

Let us take one more look at the woman from Zarephath, a woman of faith so to say. Elijah came face to face with her as she was going to fetch water. He said to her, get me a small cup of water to drink. As she moved, Elijah called her back and told her to get her bread also.

Here was a woman who was only gathering sticks to knead the last cake she had so that she and her child would “eat and die”. That food was their last hope. But she was not irritated that Elijah asked for a part of it. She was not even irritated that he made double requests at the same time, without even waiting for the first me to be fulfilled.

Most people would have shouted at Elijah and asked him what manner of man he was. Some would have called him names. But the woman of Zarephath never did so. She took her time to explain to him that she did not have enough. All the same she did not say she wasn’t ready to share that little she had with him.

Elijah assured her of what the Lord had said that she would never run out of bread and oil. She believed and acted as Elijah asked her to do. And God blessed her “double double”. The Bible says that her bread and oil never got used up until there was rain in the land. (1 Ki. 17:9-16). “Eeh eh eh eh, the Lord is good oo! Everything na double double” You can receive the double blessing which the Zarephath woman received if only you can believe and act on what the Lord  says, just like she did.

Dear Children of God, let us start doing the will of God. Let us start to put our trust, the whole of it, on none other than the Lord. Let us pray our way to double blessings of the Lord so that with our own mouths we shall keep confessing that the Lord is good and that His mercies endureth forever. Meanwhile I want us to rise on our feet, sing and dance, “Eeh eh eh eh the Lord is good oo! Everything na double double!” May it be so for us in Jesus name. Amen!


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