Igbos should steer clear

Amidst calls for a Nigerian president of  Igbo extraction come 2015, a group has advised Ndigbo to reject any offer for the presidency of the country.

Rising from its conference in Owerri,ImoState, recently, the Imo Mass Movement (IMM) stated that the Igbo nation should rather embark on a genuine self determination struggle.

According to the group, there may be moves to bribe Ndigbo with positions such as the Presidency to encourage them to remain inNigeria.

“Such palliatives must not be allowed to be a stumbling block towards the self-determination struggle of Ndigbo”, the group stated in their communiqué after the conference.

The communiqué signed by IMM president, Chilos Godsent, communiqué chairman Styvn Obodoekwe and Publicity Secretary Emenako Felix emphasized the urgency for federating units of the country to discuss “the failed Nigeria project”.

However, some eminent members of the Igbo nation are of the view that Ndigbo would suffer most in the event of a split.

Speaking to Christian Voice, a prominent businessman inImoStatedrew the attention of the people to the huge investments of Igbo businessmen outside Igboland.

The mogul who would not want his name in print said that Ndigbo, being the most gregarious in the country, own more assets outside their tribal location than other tribes.

According to him, the Yoruba and Housa invest in their home states while the Igbo prefer to site their business concerns outside.

“Assuming there is a breakup, what will happen to those investments”? he asked.

Also a senior immigration officer, Mr. Alphonsus Achilonu, expressed fears that the five Igbo States are landlocked and so would not be economically viable.

IMM, in its communiqué, stated that there is the need to ensure that other minority nationalities in the Eastern region are made to have a sense of belonging in the self determination struggle.

The conference resolved to “actively mobilize Ndigbo from all walks of lie to wake up and work assiduously towards the dismantling of the faulty Nigerian constitution”.

To that effect, the group called for the convocation of another pan-Igbo conference to harmonise and adopt common positions for Ndigbo.

It reasoned thatNigeria’s problems cannot be solved by mere tinkering with the constitution but through a national conference, describing the constitution as a fraudulent document that empowers the ruling class to enslave the people and turn the country into private estate of treasuring looters.

The conference held at Villa Maria Guest House, Owerri, dwelt extensively one the Nigerian constitution and survival of the Igbo nation.


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