It is one thing to cry and another thing to wail. When you cry, you shed tears. But when you wail, you shed rivers of tears. Experience has shown that people wail when something terrible or irreversible happens, like when an extremely good person or loved person dies. That was the case with Jairus’ daughter.

Jairus, as the Bible tells us, was a ruler or king of the synagogue. By all standards, therefore, he was a “big man”. Well, may be, I should say a man in authority. This notwithstanding, he went looking for Jesus when his twelve year old daughter was ill. The girl eventually died, in the eyes and thinking of men. But when Jesus Christ eventuality touched her, she came back to life. Indeed, the Bible says that “her spirit returned” (Lk. 8:55).

The story of Jairus, his daughter and Jesus Christ is what we are going to consider today. I pray that it will make a total transition in your life, so that your sorrow, your wailing and your cries will turn to absolute joy in the name of Jesus, Amen!

I do not know what you are passing through now. I do not know why you have had to wail or why people have had to wail for your sake in this life. Maybe, you have tried your best in this life but your best never seems or gets good enough. Perhaps, you are wailing for all you have lost or because you have this nasty feeling that the sky would soon crumble on your head. Today, Christ is saying to you as he said to those people who were wailing because of the death of the daughter of Jairus, “Stop wailing”.

When Jairus saw Jesus, he fell down at his feet and pleaded that he followed him to his house to touch his dying daughter so that she could live. Notice his humility! He fell down at the feet of Jesus! Notice his faith! First, he went searching for Jesus. Second, he believed that if Jesus touched his daughter, she would live. He knew exactly what he wanted from Christ.

Today, many men who are in the position of this ruler of the synagogue would not have humbled themselves like him to look for Christ or even fall at his feet. Mind you, it was in public and in the presence of people that Jairus fell at the feet of Christ. Could men of these days bring themselves low before Christ? What is in vogue is that when most people come into authority or power, they become arrogant, and sometimes, try to take God’s glory. They would not want to go to Church again. They would begin to think they are equal to God. That is why it is easy for them to abuse authority and power.

Let me say it here that for any leader, indeed, any person, to get what they want, they must humble themselves before Christ, and also have faith that Christ would do for them what they ask of him. What Jairus did was another way of saying to Jesus, “You are my master, my Lord and Saviour”. Because Jairus humbled himself, Jesus followed him.

Before we move along with them, like the crowd did, I want us to notice again what I said concerning Jairus knowing what he wanted. Many people today do not know what they want from God. If you ask them to make one request, indeed, a request for the thing they need most in their lives, they will begin to make a catalogue of their needs. Many people, who know what they want from God, do not know how to present them to Him. Jairus said, “My little daughter is dying. Please come and put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live” (Mk 5.23). He knew what he wanted from Christ and presented it straight to him, without mincing words! This is the way we ought to present our needs to Christ! The man at the pool ofBethesdafor thirty eight years did not know what he wanted from Christ. That was why he answered off point to the question Christ put to him (John 5:1-8). Compare him with blind Bartimaeus. He knew what he wanted most, that is, that he might see. He presented that request to Christ (Mk. 10:51).


As Christ moved towards the house of Jairus, some people came and told him (Jairus) to stop bothering the teacher because, as they said, his daughter was dead. This is the way it is in our daily search and relationship with Christ. Or do you think it is for nothing that people backslide from their faith? In your search, or walk with Christ, you are likely to encounter people who would want to discourage you. You will come across people who would say to you as it was said to Jairus “Do not bother the teacher” (Mk.5:35).  They can even be bolder than you will ever expect and tell you not to bother yourself walking with Christ and put up all fanciful argument the devil has put in their mouths to convince you. The only way you can help yourself is to be ready to listen to and hear what Christ is saying to you.

Jesus Christ said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid; just believe” (Mk.5:36). Of course, Jairus heard what Christ said to him. He did not give up hope at that point in time when he was told that his daughter was dead. He did not turn around to blame Christ for “wasting” time on the road, particularly as he encountered the woman with the flow of blood (Mk.5:21-34). He kept moving with Christ.

Do you know that there are people who are still afraid even when they are with Christ? Those are people who claim to worship Christ but do not know the Christ they worship, the powers and authorities he has over all those things that create fears, worries and anxieties in us. We shall come back to the extra ordinary show of faith by Jairus.

When Christ, Jairus and the people in their company got to the house of Jairus, they met total commotion as a result of the wailing of people. My worry is that most of those people who were wailing might not have been wailing because it pained them from the heart that the child died. They might have wailed to impress her father. Hypocrites!

Our world is full of hypocrites and this is a major problem in our world today. When someone dies today, there will be commotion everywhere and even those who contributed to the death of such person will wail most. We can run but we cannot hide! This type of commotion was what Christ saw and said, “Why all this commotion and wailing? The child is not dead but asleep” (Mk.5:39).

The Bible says that when Christ said as above, the people laughed at him. They probably meant to say, and some would have said, “Who is this one? What is he talking about? Is he alright? Doesn’t he have eyes? Can’t he see that the child is stone cold dead?”

The people of the world still laugh today at the things Christ say, particularly when they do not understand such things or when such things are not in tandem with what they expect to hear. This is why many people disobey him and follow the desires of their own hearts. But, of a truth, I say to you this day that in every condition you find yourself, what matters is what Christ says about you, and not what people say about you. If people say you are dead and Christ says you are asleep, it then means you will surely wake up from your sleep. That was exactly what happened to the daughter of Jairus. Christ said she was asleep!

At the house of Jairus, Christ moved in with selected disciples, Jairus and his wife. Right inside there, he took the hand of the little girl and said to her, “Talitha Koum!” (meaning “Little girl I say to you, get up!”) (Mk. 5:41). The Bible says that immediately the child got up and walked around (Mk. 5:42).

Here, we begin to see what faith can do, and what the faith of Jairus did for him. Faith does all things. It brings healing and life. If Jairus did not have faith, he would not have gone to Christ. If he did not have faith, he would not have continued with Christ from beginning to the end of the whole episode.

Everywhere in the New Testament, we see healings and miracles which Christ did based on the faith of the individuals concerned. For instance, the healing of the woman with flow of blood was one based on faith (LK.8: 40-48). The healing of blind Bartimaeus was one based on faith (MK.10:46-52). The healing of the paralytic who was lowered through the roof was also a healing based on the faith of the individual (Lk. 5:17-20).

Christ himself reminds us that if we have faith as big as the mustard seed, we could ask the mountain to move and it will obey. You need to see how small the mustard seed is to be able to determine our faithlessness. What is being said, therefore, is that in every bad or difficult situation you find yourself in this life, you must have faith that “It is well” or that Christ is right there by your side to draw you out of your problem.  That is what faith is all about!

We have evidence that when Christ does his things, he does it to the astonishment of people. Jairus and his wife were astonished when Christ raised their daughter (Mk. 5:42). This day, Christ will do something in your life that will astonish people around you. They will ask themselves, “How come? Was this not he who couldn’t find one meal to eat in a day? How come he now has plenty? Was this not he who went to places searching for fruit of the womb? How come his house is now full of children?” They will be astonished that you did not die when they expected you to die. They will be astonished that Christ has lifted you above the level where they will not know when they will begin to praise God for you.

Actually, there are a lot of things one needs to learn and must learn from the story of Jairus. One is that even the powerful and the wise still seek Christ. Who are you not seek him? Seek him in times of your troubles and it shall be well with you.

Again, the story shows us that nothing is impossible for Christ to do. If he raised Jairus’ daughter and Lazarus from death, what makes you think he cannot save you from dying? He surely has the solutions to all our problems. No one can be dead when he is around. When he is around, people must stop wailing.

Brethren, I know that there are a lot of problems in our world today and everyone has his or her own problems. I know that a lot of people are wailing today. I mean, you can hear it without straining your ears to do so. Why are you wailing?

Today, there are three things Christ is saying to you. He is saying that you should stop wailing. He is also saying that you are not dead and cannot be dead.  Moreover, he is saying, “My child, get up”. When he said so to the little daughter of Jairus, she got up and walked around. What are you still waiting for? Get up with this great expectation that the Lord will, as He did to the Psalmist, turn your wailing into dancing, remove your sackcloth and cloth

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