Nigerian Judiciary should wake up

The Senior Chaplain to the Anglican Bishop of Owerri, Venerable Zion Nzechinyere Ngoka, has lauded theEnglish Courtthat recently sentenced former Governor of Delta State, James Ibori, for proving the Nigerian Judiciary not being a reliable judicial system and a likely hope for the common man.

Venerable Ngoka gave the kudos to theEnglish Courtwhile preaching at the burial service of late Sir Godwill Uzoma Kamalu atHolyTrinityChurch, Obazu-Mbieri last Tuesday.

The Senior Chaplain  who represented the    Bishop,  Rt Rev.  Cyril  C. Okorocha Ph.D at the service, warned Christians, particularly parents, against exhibiting conduct or behaviour that will not say good of them while they are alive or dead, but that which is also capable of leading their followers or children to eternal condemnation.

The Archdeacon noted that those who are upright in their dealings never live flamboyant lives because they loathe to get themselves entangled in corrupt practices, saying that it is good to live an exemplary life or be a good teacher whose life style will send out positive signals to the younger generations coming after them.

Ven Ngoka who captioned his homily: “What shall you be remembered for?”, with text from Luke 1619 and on the comparative story of the rich man” in the Scripture said to always dressed in purple robe while his neighbour, Lazarus, identified to be poor with sores all around his legs, narrated how the rich man went to hell at death while Lazarus at death was taken by the Angels of God to be with Abraham in heaven. He expressed gratitude to God that, from several testimonies in the burial service brochure of Sir Godwill Kamaiu by his students and contemporaries, he (Sir Godwill) appeared to have used his teaching career to impact positively on the lives of trr students who had passed through his teachings.

Earlier,   at   a   commendation   service   held   in   CATOL   Owerri,   the   Cathedral Administrator, Venerable Paul Nwozuzu, advised Christians to try and mend their ways now that they are still alive, as such opportunity cannot be possible if one is dead.

He posited that, trying to live a righteous live could be quite challenging as one would readily come in constant struggle with satan and demands of the flesh but that the panacea for such imminent challenges is for one to subject oneself under the control of the Holy Spirit through the special grace of God.

The  burial service was attended by people from all walks of life while the senior and  third choirs of Holy Trinity Church Obazu-Mbieri treated sympathizers and well-wishers to beautiful renditions at the service.

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