Bayero Varsity ground was like an abattoir

A graduating student of Bayero University Kano who narrowly escaped being killed by the Boko Haram sect  has narrated a horrendous story of how members of the militia, in addition to the use of explosives, took strategic positions and gunned down worshippers who tried to flee during their attacks.

The female survivor, who doesn’t want to be identified, told SaharaReporters via telephone, “We were in the mass, eventually the Reverend Father, on hearing unusual gunshots and other laity started wondering.  Immediately explosives began to explode right in the mass and in the other chapel in the hall near sports place. We started crying and running in and out. We sighted them afar holding guns and shooting indiscriminately and all worshippers [were] running.

“They were in normal kaftan clothes of several colours, I cannot say their number but they spread across the theatre in two areas. They were shooting and the explosion continued sporadically. Other members were shouting please, please, don’t kill us, don’t kill us, but they continued. Eventually one student held me and we sneaked out to a toilet and he crossed over too.

“I remained in the toilet and was hearing shooting and wailing and I refused to come out.

It was when shooting ended, and I heard sirens, then I came out. I saw the whole grounded littered with our dead students and staff, and it was like an abattoir where animals were butchered. From there I was taken to hospital, and treated of the bruises I had on my body. This is my worst experience of life and I cannot imagine; it was like a film [but it was] real attack on us. We heard that none of [the attackers] was arrested.”

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