The reported ugly scene in a village over the killing of a snake and the violent reaction of the community, leaves a sour taste in the month.

The community of Ivo inEbonyiStaterose in anger over the killing of a snake, regarded as their  ‘second god’, an idol of questionable existence and a shame to them in this turn of the century.

This scenario provides an occasion for deeper evangelistic endeavour.

What was reported in the newspaper regarding this holistic worship of idol in an era when Christianity dominates the universe is stunning; that the pastor who killed the snake had his property destroyed. It sounds like a satanic message encrypted in the people’s  weird cultural lore.

The Ivo community appears to have been deaf to the trumpet of the gospel from genuine men of God.

It is unfortunate that the perceived slow motion of Christian faith in certain communities can be traced to some church goers whose eyes are afire on the weekly offerings at services and who naturally qualify to be called loose adherents. Such lends credence to the oddities in faith.

The evangelists of various hues should rally round to invade Ivo and other communities still in the throes of devildom, for, they are fertile grazing pastures in evangelism.

It is incongruous that with today’s world-wide envangelistic thrust, the community of Ivo would still be backsliding, instead of joining the ranks of most parts of Christendom in proclaiming ONE God. They are alone in a crowd!

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