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Netherlands tightens up on cannabis

Foreigners will soon be banned from buying cannabis inAmsterdam’s famous marijuana cafes after a court ruling on Friday.

A judge atThe Haguedistrict court upheld a new law banning foreign tourists from entering cannabis cafes amid concern over the country’s reputation as a destination for drug users.

The ban comes into force in three provinces next month and will be effective nationwide by the end of the year.

Although Dutch nationals will still be allowed to use the cannabis cafes, there have been public protests about the ban.

Thousands of tourists, including many young Britons, flock to theNetherlandsto consume cannabis because it is illegal to do so in their own countries.

The government has clamped down because of concerns over public order and crime.

Maurice Veldman, legal representative for the Cannabis Retailers Association, does not believe public order is an issue.

He was quoted by The Telegraph as saying: “It is a 100 per cent political verdict to defend the state. There is no public order problem with coffee shops in cities likeAmsterdam.”

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