Bishop Oti classifies pastors

The Anglican Bishop, Diocese on theLake, the Rt Rev Chijioke Oti, has spoken of the three categories of pastors in the Christendom.

According  to him, there are the “Caretakers” who are only interested in maintaining whatever that has been handed over to them; the “Undertakers” who delight in killing and burying Churches they are posted to just as their welfare is their top priority while the next category; the “Risk takers” are always ready to take risk and do exploits for Jesus Christ.

The “Risk Takers” have sufficient faith and they explore resources within their reach in their churches and manage them effectively.

Bishop Oti who spoke at a Clergy school at Cathedral Church of St Mary Magdalene, Oguta, insisted that a good Pastor is that human being who knows everything of something and something of everything, adding that many Clergymen have failed in their responsibilities because of arrogance.

He then advised Clergymen not to see postings to rural areas as punitive but to brace up to convert and effectively use sources and resources with which God has endowed their ‘places of posting.

ln his lecture entitled, “The Clergy and the Effective Management of available resources in the Local Church for optimal productivity”, the Chancellor of the Diocese, Barrister E.T.C. Ogbusu advised Clergymen in the Christendom to always be willing, able and ready to face challenges and think of how to tackle them instead of complaining always.

The lecturer revealed that any clergy who cannot manage a station in a rural area may not perform miracles if posted to an urban city, pointing out that the first charge of any priest is the discharge of his financial obligation to his Diocese.

Barrister Ogbusu contended that mismanagement of fund does not mean embezzlement but would mean misplacement of fund as a result of wrong financial usage and decision.

He then advised the clergy to be courteous in relating with their congregation and always endeavour to prove before people especially their congregation that they are hardworking, trustworthy and able to manage and supervise in all spheres of their vocation.


In a sermon at a service to kick-start the forum, Rev. Canon Godwin Nwokoro  advised Christians to always re-examine themselves at every stage of their lives with a view to seeing if what they do are right before God.

Citing Mathew 5:23, Canon Nwokoro regretted that people have forgotten the need to pay attention to their personal lives before going to offer sacrifices and advised that people should seek for the forgiveness of their sins than the coverage.

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