Evangelism By Barr. ETC Ogbusu GOD IS NOT A LIAR!

I hate to see people present God as if He is a liar. It breaks my heart because I know that God is not a liar. I am worried, really worried that someone who is not drunk, will be bold to declare that God has said what he knows God has not said. What is even more worrisome is that some of these people who give these alleged messages from God are people God would not like to speak to, even if He comes down to speak to anyone He sees.

Today, many families are broken, torn to shreds, because of false prophesies from the prophets of doom or end time prophets living in our times. I keep thinking of what these “prophets” stand to gain. Someone, however, has had to say that they do it for economic reasons, that is to say, to enrich themselves from the purses of the gullible ones they can terrify with such false messages.

It has also been said that these “prophets” do this type of thing to give the false impression that they “dine and wine” with God, in order to attract upon themselves undue or false publicity and fame.

The problem, however is our people. They prefer the negative more to the positive. The only thing that seems to move them is when the wrong messages are given to them, even by those who, spiritually, are far below them.

Most times, one cannot help but wonder how so easily our people fall for the tricks of these “prophets”. I mean, how can someone tell you, for example, that your brother with whom you have never had any problem wants to kill you and you believe it?

How can someone tell you that your wife, the mother of your children whom you left other women to marry, despite their beauty and sometimes, money, is the witch in your house and you believe?

How can one tell you that your wife who has not given you a child has some kind of witchcraft in her stomach which eats up the fetus, and you believe it? How can you ever imagine that your wife would not want to have a child of her own, and be happy like others?

Somehow, these prophets of doom seem to have the ability to study their victims psychologically. Once they are sure they have understood what their victims like or want to hear, they will strike with their false prophecies. This is why if they tell a barren woman that her mother or sister in law is responsible for her barrenness, she would believe. This is why if they tell a man who is not doing well in business that his neighbor in the market is responsible for his failures, he would believe.

Of course, nothing goes for nothing. One must part with something before he or she gets such dastardly prophecy. One must part with something before “solutions” to his or her problems would be proferred. Lies! It is all lies!

Quite recently, a lady was caught trying to plant what looked like charm in someone’s compound. It turned out that she was sent by her “pastor” to plant the substance. The idea was that her “pastor” would come later and claim that God had ministered to him where the man’s brother planted some charm for him. He would then exhume it and smile to the bank, while the brothers fight themselves.

The reason I had to write this article is what happened in a church where I worshipped recetly. Do not ask me the church because I will not tell you. I just went for a thanksgiving church service of a friend. The preacher after his sermon, screamed, “Thank you Lord for this revelation”. We waited to hear what the revelation was. He then said, “This church needs a bus for evangelism. The Lord has told me that three members of the congregation who will buy that bus for the church are here. If you are among those three, please step out so that the church can pray for you!”

Silence! Dead silence everywhere! One minute, two minutes, three minutes gone and no one came out. It seemed as if the whole earth was going to cave in and swallow both the church building and the congregation. The preacher said again, “The Lord is not a liar. I know you are waiting for who will come out first. I am even seeing the faces of those three persons. Come out! Do not delay your blessings!”

We waited and waited for those people to come out but none came out. In the end, he said,”Oh, the Lord said you can go home and write your cheques because you are not yet decided on what to donate towards buying the bus.” Eeeeh? Can God be sure on one hand and not be sure on the other hand? It is not possible. What a wicked way of trying to present God as a liar when He is not a liar.

I pitied that preacher because he said one truth, which he forgot on the spot. He said God is not a liar. That is the truth! God is not a liar! I looked round that congregation and they seemed to me, with every respect, like people who needed help. There was no single car on that church compound except the one we came with, meaning that none of the members of that congregation present in the church had a car. Those were the people the preacher said God had told him that three of them would buy an evangelism bus for the church. Of course, God is not man that he should lie (Num.23:19).

When I got home and relayed my experience to another friend, he told me his own experience. In his own case, the preacher said that God had told him that ten people in the church would donate fifty thousand Naira (N50,000,00). He called for the ten people to come out but no one came out .He reduced to thirty thousand Naira, then to ten thousand Naira but no one came out. My friend said that it was only when he reduced to five thousand Naira that he (my friend) decided to come out to save the face of the preacher. He donated five thousand Naira. But did he succeed in saving the face of the preacher? I do not think he did! By the time he made that “face saving” donation, that preacher must have rubbished himself in the minds of the congregation as an unrepentant liar, for calling God a liar, which He is not. If he had conscience, which I am not sure he had, he would have gone home and cried his eyes out for such falsehood.

Do not get me wrong! I am not saying that there is anything wrong with appealing to a congregation to come out and make donations for God’s work. There is also nothing wrong appealing to those who could donate a certain amount of money to come out and do so. What is wrong is claiming that God has told you what actually you have thought out on your own or what should come like an appeal.

Brethren, God is not a liar! That is the one I believe. I have enough scriptural evidence to make me unwavering in that belief. Indeed there is nothing He has said that never came to pass. Take for instance, the promise of a son to Abraham which resulted to the birth of Isaac. Take again, for instance, the promise to deliver the Israelites for Egyptian bondage and give them the land flowing with milk and honey, which came to pass. There are many of them too numerous to be doubted!

We need, therefore, to guide ourselves from the devouring claws of lions and wolves who parade our streets today, in the name of God. There are complete thieves among them. There are kidnappers among them. Or did you not read about the ones who tried to suffocate and kidnap an inhabitant ofLagosafter preaching to her? Those people came passing-off the name of the Lord, before bringing out the satanic instincts in them.

In other words, we should be careful when we listen to those who claim to tell us what the Lord has said. We should also be careful about what we take from what we hear from them. Common sense should guide us. By their fruits every “prophet” must be known! Watch what they say! Watch how they live and the things they do! Watch what they demand or the demands they make of you! Watch where they want to take you to! These are some of the fruits by which you should know them.

Many times, we hear of “prophets” who have one thing or the other to do with snakes before meeting their congregation. We hear of “prophets” who smoke Indian hemp. We hear of “prophets” who tell their congregation to bring fanta and candles for sacrifices. We hear of prophets who take members of their congregation to the rivers and forests for deliverance. We hear of “prophets” who do “deliverance” of their female members in the privacy of their rooms, not in the open church. It is not for me to judge them. God the righteous judge is there to judge and pay everyone according to their deeds (Rev. 22:12).

All I am saying is that we should try and protect ourselves from those who are ever ready to take undue advantage of us, using the name of the Lord! For instance, common sense should tell us that because God is not a liar, a true man of God will not have something to do with adultery and fornication when the Bible has said “Do not commit adultery“ (Exo.20:14) . It will tell us that since Christ has made a sacrifice of himself once for all, a true man of God has no business sacrificing with fanta and candle. We would know that if God cannot be found in the church, surely then, He cannot be found in the forests and rivers. Of course, we know who lives in the forests and rivers!

When a “man of God” beats his chest and tells you that something will happen in your life within a given time, and it does not happen, it is easy to know that he is the liar, not God! For instance, a “prophet” of God had told a woman once that God revealed to him that she would put to bed a set of bouncing twin boys for her husband, for whom she had no son. She parted with her money and her husband did the same for the “good news”. However, when she put to bed, she put to bed a baby girl, not even a boy, not to talk of a set of twin boys. Here, it is the “man of God” that is a liar, not God, because God did not send him to say what he said.

When someone, for instance, comes out and presents himself as Christ, as many have been doing all over the place, you have got a liar standing before you. He is a liar because he has claimed what he is not and cannot be. The Bible has not told us there is another God outside the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Some claim to be the re-incarnated Christ when there is nowhere in the Bible where the doctrine of re-incarnation was acknowledged. So, Christ cannot re-incarnate in any person, and all those who claim to be re-incarnated Christ are liars.

Of course, Christ is no longer dead. He has resurrected (not reincarnated) and rules with his Father in majesty and splendour. Therefore, to say he has re-incarnated and operates, using the body of anyone, is a big lie!

Anyone who would not think before swallowing hook, line and sinker what these self righteous and “perfect masters” tell us, puts him or herself in danger. For instance, Ahab failed to realize that a lying spirit had entered into his prophets to persuade him to go to war against Ramoth Gilead. As a result, he ignored the true prophecy of Micaiah and went to a fatal war in which he lost his life (1Ki. 22).

The prophets of Baal also prophesied lies to Ahab until that encounter with Elijah at Mt. Carmel exposed that they did not have “NAFDAC” numbers (1Ki. 18). What the Ahab encounters stated above mean is that we should pray for discerning spirit to help us distinguish the true servants of God from those who portray God as a liar. We cannot depend on our human eyes, but on our God-given spiritual eyes.

Brethren, let me say here that in this write up, we are not saying too many things. We are only saying, “Be careful!” Be careful, so that you will know when the devil is trying to use someone to deceive you. The only way to overcome such deceit is to read the scriptures, digest them, internalize them and take recourse to them when it matters most in your life. It happened to Jesus Christ.

The devil himself came to the Christ and tempted him, using the scriptural provisions. He said to the Christ, “He shall give His angels charge over you, to bear you up in their hands so that you will not dash your feet against a stone” (Lk. 4:10-11; Ps. 91:11). Perfect! The devil quoted the scripture perfectly but he quoted it out of context.

What the devil said to Christ is a clear indication that it is not on all occasions that these prophets of doom will tell you outright falsehood, that is to say, what the Lord has not said. They can tell you what the Lord has said, but out of context, that is, the way the Lord did not mean it. In any event, if you know what the scriptures have said, you will say to such person, as Christ said to the devil, “It is written, ‘Do not put the Lord your God to test’ (Lk. 4:12).


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