Ubaha Atta Parish inaugurated

It was a triple joy for the entire Parishioners in the Atta Archdeaconry, in the Anglican Diocese of Ikeduru last Sunday, as the first Parish since the inauguration of the Diocese on 14th July 2009 came into existence, its first Parish priest inducted, and a new evangelism bus, Nissan 14-seater Serena dedicated to the glory of God.

The epoch-making event which attracted personalities from all walks of life had Bishop Emmanuel Maduwike of Ikeduru as the Chief celebrant with Archdeacons and senior Clergy assisting.

St. John’sAnglican Church Ubaha Atta, venue of the event, and the headquarters of the new Parish, was like a bride adorned for the groom with paintings, designs and decorations amid frenzy of joy and jubilation.

The inauguration of the new Parish began with request by duly appointed representatives of the two co-operating church stations,St. John’sAnglican Church Ubaha Atta and All Saints Anglican Church Umuonocha Atta to be constituted into a Parish. With their request granted after questions and answers sessions with the Bishop including denunciation of secret cults, the new Parish was inaugurated as Ubaha-Atta amid fanfare and great jubilation.

With the new Parish inaugurated, the Archdeacon of Atta Archdeaconry, Ven Sam K. Anumihe, accordingly presented Rev. Canon Chidi Njoku, the presiding priest ofSt. John’sAnglican Church Ubaha Atta to be inducted as the first Parish priest. Ven Anumihe, assisted by other Archdeacons, led Rev. Canon Chidi through the Western Door to various service points in the church, including the Baptismal font, Read Desk, Lectan, Pulpit and the Holy Table, to be prayed for, and blessed by the Bishop.

The Bishop after prayers, took Rev. Canon Njoku by the hand and put him in his pastoral Chair where he performed his first duty as the Parish priest by saying the “Lord’s Prayer”. He then declared him the parish priest amid rapturous applause. The Bishop also prayed and blessed the other church workers in the new Parish with their wives.

In his change, Rt. Rev. Emma Maduwike thanked all who were present to witness this epoch-making event. He charged the new Parish priest to serve with the feat of God, in other to take the new Parish to a greater height. He implored the Parishioners of the new Parish to be supportive and submissive to constituted authorities saying, God will reward everyone according to his or her works. He extolled the Christian maturity exhibited by Rev. Canon Innocent Iwuji, the Parish priest of Atta Central, from where Ubaha-Atta was carved out. Others would have loved them to remain, but without much ado, he accented to  their demand. He charged the new Ubaha-Atta to embark on aggressive work of evangelism and soul wining, so that it can give birth to more church stations like her parent parish.


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