We must not surrender to Jihadists

Christian leader has alleged thatNigeriais currently confronted with a determined Jihad aimed at eliminating Christians and Christianity.

But he was optimistic that Christianity would triumph at last despite all tribulations.

“Be it known that the church will march on because Jesus Christ is building His Church and all gates of hell in any disguise will not prevail against it”, he submitted.

In his maiden address to the General Church Council (GCC) of the Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN), as the new President of the Church, Rev. Dr Soja Bewarng specifically referred to the attack on the church last February, 26th during service and lamented that the jihadists were encouraged to perpetrate their actions because of the inactivity and “the well-planned denials and excuses by those who should curb the increase and spread of the menace”.

He then warned Nigerian leaders both political and religious that if they failed to promptly arrest the terrorist acts of Boko Haram, that the leaders themselves would be consumed by them.

He then counseled; “until we put our heads together, we will soon be leaders of no people.”

COCIN President further lambasted members of the national legislature, “except one” for keeping mum over the killings in Ropp, Vwang and Riyom areas ofPlateauStateadding also that  “the church was equally concerned about the role of military personnel in handling security situations in the State”.

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