Wrestler plans to fight crime through sports

Popular wrestler and World Heavyweight Wresting Champion, Mr Osita Offor alias “the ultimate warrior” has vowed to use sports to stem the high rate of crime including kidnapping, armed robbery and other criminal activities especially by youths in the South East of Nigeria.

Afraid that if the trend in Igboland is not immediately stemmed, that it would become out of hand in future, the popular wrestler entered into partnership with a popular transport company for the crusade.

The world wrestling champion said during the take-off of the scheme inEnugulast week that he intends to visit and meet the criminals face-to-face in their hide-outs anywhere in Igboland travelling in the company’s vehicles to attempt to talk them out of crime.

Citing his personal experience, he said he embraced sports after his graduation from the university following his frustrating futile search for work.

“Had I not engaged in sports soon after I graduated from the university, I probably would have taken to crime”, he argued.

Urging youths to also go into transport business instead of taking to criminal activities, the ultimate warrior recalled the case of the managing director of the partnering transport company who he disclosed that after graduation, “ventured into the transport business in 1982 as a conductor then later as a driver and a spare parts dealer at some point and today, he owns about the biggest transport company” in South East.


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