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Why education is important

Education instructs any who passed through it, be it formal or informal, the good opportunity to manage properly. A person who does not manage well did not go to school or have not acquired education.

In management, the manager must be diligent, prepared at all times, to deal satisfactorily and wisely with the people he constitution/rules guiding the body he manages.

A good manager is very resourceful, inspirational, dynamic, passionate of noble services to give to his body, very enthusiastic and quite industrious for the general good of the people he manages. The aim of management is to give possible or utmost satisfaction to the people and shrewd economic use of resources for the best of the receivers.

Management is essential in every sector of the economy – the health, school/place of formal education, politics, transport, the church including the family. Where everyone finds himself in management, his concern must be for the satisfaction of those involved to a reasonable extent.

Management without satisfaction is nonsense. It is glaring in most offices like the PHCN, power holding company of Nigeria, where one waits for minutes, even hours before being attended to.

Our schools are not left out including the private schools where the headmasters, principals and all in the managerial cadre do not allow their pupils/students to participate in activities that directly relate to education including essay competitions, quizzes, debate, Rather, they are interested in exploiting the pupils/students who are future leaders. They display arrogance, non-chalance in their  management. It is evident that bad management is not economical but good management grows the economy of that body that is managed.


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