Boko Haram scare at Cathedral

There was a mild drama recently at the Methodist Cathedral Complex, Ihube, Okigwe in Imo State when a “northern” cobbler invited into the compound by the Bishop, Rt. Rev. N.U. Chukwu,  to mend his shoes caused panic among some parishioners who were holding various programmes at the time.

According to eyewitnesses, as the cobbler, armed with his tools comprising a wooden box and hammer, walked across to answer the prelate’s invitation, there was panic among the parishioners who spontaneously stood up exclaiming “boko haram! Boko haram” demanding that the cobbler left the premises, obviously unaware that he had been invited by their bishop.

Sources said it took the intervention of the bishop to calm the parishioners’ nerves assuring them that he had infact invited the cobbler.

On his part, the cobbler, speaking in impeccable Igbo, was said to have passionately denied having any link with the devilish group and that he legitimately carried out his shoe-mending business to keep body and soul together.

The incident, more than anything, underscored how sensitive and alert Christians in these parts are to the boko haram menace.


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