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Trust they say “is a burden” a burden of honour, trust and confidence on an individual or group of people who have come in contact with the individual.

Do Nigerians as at today have faith in the survival of democracy in this country? Who is government for? What makes people lose faith in democracy? In response to the first question, the truth of the matter is yes, Nigerians have lost faith in the survival of democracy. Reason – the expected benefits are a mirage. Since the people remain the centre and circumference of democracy, denying the same people in whom resides the choice of their leaders, representatives and a voice on matters of mutual interests amounts to catastrophe. Governor Obi of Amambra State put it better when he said “if you ask me why people don’t have faith in our democracy, I ask back, why should I have faith in fraud? We will only have faith in democracy when unacceptable things are stopped from happening”.

Nigerians will have confidence in government when the decisions taken by government are open and they follow laid down rules and regulations, then and only then will they be alive to their civic responsibilities.

Our rulers preach rule of law but majority are lawless, preach democracy, power belonging to the people when they have emasculated and enslaved the very repositories of power.

The masses are crying bitterly and God’s ears are wide open listening to the cries, anguish and tribulations of His people. They should realize that the life of the common man is fast becoming bestial while their confidence and hope in the ruling class is also fast eroding. They are impoverished to the point of not affording rags to wipe dry their tears. Let our leaders come to grips with the hard fact that any leadership that does not stand on a moral foundation collapses sooner than later.

Good governance is borne out of bad governance. Where does the quest for good governance lead Nigeria and Nigerians? The root of Nigeria’s problems lies with those who are manipulating the system to suit their personal needs at the expense of national interest.

Good governance is a panacea to national development. The problem of Nigeria is from Nigerians. We have all made mistakes and must find out ways of solving our problems. We lack transparency, probity and accountability.

Good governance is a collective responsibility of all Nigerians its reward could be good network of operational roads, workers salaries paid as at when due, education to remain at its glory, hospitals becoming fully functional and equipped so that the need to seek medical treatment abroad may be history and more lives saved. Good governance could create millions of jobs for our teeming youths and brain drain estinguished, violent crimes like armed robbery, ritual killings, kidnapping, bombings would become history, free and fair elections would rule Nigeria.

All successive leadership preached patriotism but it is observed more by self–serving lip service evidenced by its predatory greed than by example. Patriotism is a continuous process which must be encouraged until Nigeria is set from the siege of bad governance through committed and inspirational leaders.


Extravagance and looting have become fashionable among public office holders. Their sacrilegious sermon is due process, zero tolerance to corruption, rule of law, probity and accountability. Why have evil been allowed to ravage our polity unchallenged? Their belief is that Nigerians can make all the noise who will try them? Is it the judiciary let me not go far?

In Nigeria, there is enough for everybody need but certainly not enough for everybody greed. Corruption has continued to make futility every facet of developmental plans in this country. The rich keeps getting richer and the poor, poorer.  Corruption in high places by sacred cows. Criminal wastage of the country’s resources on white elephant projects, unrealistic projections, nepotism and unintelligent pursuit of selfish interests.

According to Emmanuel Kwache “Corruption is wickedness and is a sin that will never escape punishment”. Favoritism, discrimination, greed, high handedness, disunity, religious hatred, misunderstanding, illiteracy and ignorance are the landmark of our lives.

Nigerians are perpetually groaning, embarrassingly tracked, wondering and gallivanting aimlessly without proper nurturing and guidance. They are seriously disturbed the way this country is run as if they are no Stakeholders. We in Nigeria have allowed evil to soar to high heaven. We hail crimes and are easily silenced with offers of peanuts. We are today doing heinous things and proudly handing over the culture of criminality to our children- our successors. My generation is fast losing all forms of godliness.

The questions bugging minds across the nation is, How much longer will this agony last?

The bible says when the righteous rules, the people rejoice. Are our leaders righteous? The answer is whether Nigerians are today crying or rejoicing, Amos 5 verse 13.

This is Nigeria, a country where Northern religious terrorists/Extremists are killing, bombing their fellow beings and have declared total Jihad on the Christians in the 21st century. Human life is no longer sacred in this country andblood is no longer costly.

Nigeria should not be allowed to continue this way. Our leaders should make a U-Turn and realize that they have a responsibility. We need to realize that the existence of this country as a nation can only be possible when our leaders change from the nonchalant attitude they show to the plight of Nigerian people to real commitment. Then and only then shall we have a new lease of life and our trust in them restored.



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