Boko Haram: Difficult choice for Christian leaders

There seems to be a split among Christian leaders in Nigeria over the approach to contain the Boko Haram carnage –either to seek revenge or to ‘leave vengeance to God’

The leaders who have openly appealed to Christians not to revenge predicate their stand on Christ’s charge to His followers not to revenge against persecution by their enemies while those seeking for vengeance do so on the premise that the Christians have been pushed to the wall and that their continued presentation of “the other check” for the enemy to smash could eventually culminate in the total elimination of Nigerian Christians physically.

Each stand has its merit. Indisputably, Christianity is founded on the principle of love and forgiveness as exemplified by Christ Himself, the founder of the Christian faith, who even from his excruciating pains on the Cross prayed to God to forgive those who had crucified Him because “they know not what they do”.

On the otherhand, those seeking for vengeance against the terrorists after forgiving them for a while without the  terrorists changing their callous tactics, have a point especially where the government and its security agencies have woefully failed to protect them and their institutions from these attacks.

Be that as it may. We are worried that the conflicting stand on the matter among Christians, especially their leaders, could send a wrong message of disunity in Christendom which could embolden the terrorists to unleash further attacks on Christians and their churches.

It is our considered view therefore, that Christians should have a common stand on such critical issues more so at this time when Christianity is under attack by the devil and its agents.


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