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The lord will guide you continually…..

Keeping you healthy, too.

Isaiah 58:11 NLT

WebMD recently reported that people who don’t attend church or have a strong faith in God: (1) have average hospital stays three times longer than those who do. (2) Are fourteen times more likely to die after surgery. (3) Have a forty-percent higher death rate from heart disease and cancer. (4) Have doubled the number of strokes. The same report also says scientists have now discovered that the human brain is hard-wired to communicate best through prayer!

Whether God heals you medically or miraculously, He alone is the source of all healing. His Word says: (a) “THE LORD will guide you continually… keeping you healthy, too” (Isa 58:11 NLT). That is divine health. (b) “The prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up: (Jas 5:15). That’s divine healing.

So does that mean you can treat your body any way you like and not suffer the consequences? No! Your daily habits determine your future. You don’t just need faith to be healed; you need wisdom to stay healthy.

Each Israeli family left Egypt through a door sprinkled with the blood of the lamb. And “there was not one feeble person among them” (Ps 105:37). That means when you get sick you have the blood-bought privilege of praying in the name of Jesus, believing that when you do, His power is being released to heal you, set you free from crippling habits, and bring answers to your prayers. The privilege is yours-use it!


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