Between idolatry and prosperity gospel

It  becomes   necessary  in  this   comparative  exercise  to  make attempts to state what the Christianity as espoused by its founder, our Lord Jesus Christ is in reality. One can only do this successfully by going to the holy Bible for the ground norms of Christianity propounded by the founder, and then juxtapose them with the ideology and practices of those who shout the name of Jesus on the rooftops.

Our Lord Jesus ‘Christ did not mince words and in guiding His followers as to the true requirements of those who wish to be His followers as true Christians. In the gospel of Mark Chapter 8, there was an incident between our Lord Jesus and Apostle Peter. Our Lord Jesus wanted to forewarn His apostles about His impending sacrificial death. Peter like our present neo Christians who worship worldly glory and miracles,  remonstrated our Lord. He took exception and remonstrated Him for mentioning sacrifice and death. Our Lord used the occasion to propound the ground norms of His followership in these unambiguous words; He said to Peter: “Get behind me Satan, because the way you think is not God’s way but man’s.” He called His disciples to Him and said: If ANYONE wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross and follow me, for any one who wants to save his life will lose it…… what gain is it for a man to win the whole world and ruin his life”.

One wonders whether, any honest person can trace any ambiguity in this straight forward ideology of true Christianity stated in clear words by Christ Himself.

Again it becomes necessary to further state here the laws which our Lord put in place to guide  their relationships as the followers of Christ, our Lord also spelt the basic law of the relationships of His followers. He did this when the Pharisees and Sadducees confronted Him and put the guestion on which was His greatest commandment. Our Lord answered: ‘you must love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest law. The second resembles the first, your must love your neighbor as yourself. On those two commandments hang the whole law and the prophets also”.

One  can therefore safely  state   here   that  the  Christianity established by the founder Jesus  Christ stands on two legs which are sacrifice and love. It is from here that the reader can now easily compare and contrast the true Christianity of our Lord Jesus Christ and the hedonistic Idolatrous Christianity of those who now claim on house tops that they are Christians, while their Christianity stands on two legs of Idolatry of worldly gains and incitement of Hatred among God’s children.

Last Sunday, this writer could not attend Sunday mass due to ill health. He however sat up in his bedroom to watch the television for the religious programmes of the holyday. As usual, the television programmes were monoplised by the neo Christians. For over two hours one could not view any preachment on personal holiness, Christian sacrifice, observance of the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ to gain eternal life in God’s heaven, or the love of neighbour for God’s sake: what flooded the television were the holerings of the pastors, evangelists, prophets, etc on Miracles, Miracles, Miracles.

It was the continued rendition of miraculous cures and attraction of the things of this world to believers. One watched human beings abusing, manipulating and deceiving others in the name of our Jesus and God.

In the place of love, distrust, hatred and out right alienation of relationships were incited through false visions and false prophecies. Love had no place in all the hullabaloo but rather fathers, mothers and relations of the manipulated congregations were portrayed as witches as bad people who are out to deprive them of the good things of this world, success in business, wives, husbands and money.

After two hours this writer was so bored and sorely disturbed that these people who worship at the altar of the world and war against love should call themselves Christians. Indeed there is no similarity between the Christianity of our Lord Jesus Christ and the voodoo religion of the idolatry of the world of the neo Christians. Indeed they are pagans not Christians as our Lord stated in Mathew chapter 6 verses 30-33” it is the pagans who make the things of this world their major pursuit in the worship of God”. May our loving and forgiving Lord have mercy on us and save His flock from the wolves in miracle sheep skins.

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