Bishop tasks fathers

The Bishop of the Diocese of Ikeduru Anglican Communion, Rt Rev. Emmanuel Maduwike has called on fathers to aspire to regain the position given to them by God at the time of creation.

He made the call while preaching a Sermon to mark the 2012 fFathers Day celebration at St. Marks Church Umudim in Ikeduru Local Government Area.

The Prelate recalled that God made man a partner during creation by putting him above all things created and allowing him the privilege of naming all other creatures.

On the present state of man, the Bishop noted, “it is regrettable that man has not fully appreciated the authority God gave to him such as making him the first priest in the family, partner at creation and headship over all the things created. If this will be realized, no man will involve himself in the life of adultery, idolatry, drunkenness and shedding of innocent blood”.

Rt. Rev. Maduwike decried the level of enemity, found in some families which are expected to be Christian homes and enjoined Christian fathers to be spiritually and mentally alert like Abraham who not only sought the way a peace and Godliness but was also alert to decipher human beings from Angels whom he played host to.

The Diocesan expressed reservation over the operations of some new age churches who ignite troubles in some families by pointing out that one brother is killing another in a family without proffering solutions to such so called revelations. He appealed to parents to stop handing over to their on coming generations problems and disagreements in the families but should seek for a way of resolving them.

Receiving the Bishop, the Priest incharge of the Church, Rev. Josiah Igbokwe thanked the Bishop for choosing to mark this year’s Fathers Day at the church. He commended the Bishop’s support to their new Church building project and promised speeding up the work to meet the target set by the Diocese.


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