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Just a moment With Moma-Enkay @ The Best of the word for today CLOSE TO THE CROSS BUT FAR FROM CHRIST

They whiled away the time by throwing dice for His clothes.

Mathew 27:35 TM

Max Lucado writes: “They were witnessing the greatest event in history, yet as far as they were concerned, it was just another Friday, and He was just another common criminal. Casting lots heads ducked, eyes down, cross forgotten. It makes me think of the stuffy, the loose, the strict, the Spirit filled. Robes, collars, three-piece suits. Are we so different? Don’t we too play games at the foot of the cross? Competition. Selfishness. Personal gain. It’s all there. We don’t like what somebody did so we take the sandal we won and walk away in a huff.

“So close to the timbers, yet so far from the blood. We act like common crapshooters huddling in bickering groups, fighting over silly opinions. How many hours have been wasted on the trivial? How many leaders have saddled their pet peeves drawn swords of bitterness, and battled over issues not worth discussing? We specialize in “I’m right rallies”; major in finding gossip and unveiling weakness; split into huddles, and then split again. Is it that impossible to find a common cause? May they all be one, Jesus prayed. One church. One faith. One Lord. No denominations, hierarchies, or traditions-just Christ.

“Too idealistic? I don’t think so. Harder things have been done. For example, once upon a tree a Creator gave His life. All we need are a few hearts willing to follow. How about you? Are you ready to leave your differences at the cross and follow Him today?”



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