Bishop tasks preachers

Preachers of the gospel have been charged to ensure that the pulpit rises again.

The Anglican Bishop of Owerri, Rt. Rev. Cyril Okorocha, Ph.D, gave this charge while addressing the participants at the just concluded Expository Preaching Seminar 2012, that was held at the Christ The Good Shepherd Centre, Owerri from Monday 25th to Thursday 29th June, 2012 at the instance of Langham Nigeria,

Bishop Okorocha told the participants, made up of the Clergy and the Laity, to henceforth believe, behave, and bear the Bible, in order that those they preach to on daily basis would want to first see them doing what they say or preach, and can then follow them accordingly,

According to Bishop Okorocha, people have heard too much about Christ, and are now waiting to see Him in person, especially the new generation whom, he said, have developed “big eyes but with small ears” stressing that to them, one word that is written now is more than one thousand words said orally.

The Bishop who captioned his address. “A Year of the New Covenant in Christ”, described the new covenant as a covenant of joy and faith in God.

On the Boko Haram saga that is causing great loss destruction of churches and properties in some parts of the North the Bishop posited that those who belong to the new covenant would always want to listen and obey God than to embark on retaliations, their afflictions notwithstanding,

According to him, fiery trials make golden Christians while sanctified afflictions are ^Spiritual promotions, adding that it takes more spirituality to forgive than to retaliate,

He noted that, Jesus Christ in all that he did for mankind, was crucified to bear the sins of the people, yet He had to plead to His Father to forgive mankind as they did not know what they were doing,

As Christians, he said, we will never understand the uselessness of the old covenant until we enter into the new covenant where the law remains inside the heart and not outside, adding that when God lives in you, He will enjoy looking at you always.

Bishop Okorocha counseled students of the Bible to endeavour to appreciate their leaders, especially those that teach them the Bible or the Word of God, and to try to emulate their life style.

He described the Bible as the source of what we know about God, and warned that, thatsomething is in the Bible does not make it biblical.

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