Should Christians flee Egypt?

Following the confirmation, over the weekend, that Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohamed Morsi, had officially won the presidential election, some commentators examine the fate of Christians in that country. Will there be mass fleeing of Christians from Egypt?

June 24

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood party member, has won the elections and became officially the first president of Egypt after the revolution.

To talk about who may be winning before the result is announced is something, but to talk about it now is another thing.

Deep sadness and fear has shaken the hearts of many Egyptians, including many Christians as well, who have hoped to have a civil moderate president, not a fanatic Muslim one. The reactions vary from one group to another and from one person to another.

It might seem a bit strange to hear Muslim liberals speaking in anger and rejection against the winning of Morsi. However, it’s quite sad to hear the reactions of many Christians, who are, by now, very devastated, confused and feeling defeated.

I read comments on Facebook and receive telephone calls from Christian friends and family. Most are asking: Then what?

Standing back and watching all the roaring celebrations and fireworks that blasted in many squares in Egypt for the winning president, the question asked is hope and peace still possible for the Egyptian church? Can we put hope in the “sort of” reconciling, shallow speech that Morsi gave shortly after his confirmation as president – a speech he gave with a strong Islamic accent, using a language that showed him off as the new Muslim Khailef (head of Muslim state)? Can we count on the political wisdom of Morsi and his soon-to-be-appointed administration to get Egyptians together from every different ideologies, backgrounds and beliefs? How soon will we Christians see, live and suffer the consequences of having a Muslim Brotherhood president?

Neither I nor any other Christian in Egypt can answer any of those questions now. There are too many uncertainties. But the one great assurance remains in the fact that we love and follow a mighty loving God who has the ultimate authority to put presidents and kings in positions of authority or take them out. This Father is MY Father and He promised never to leave us or forsake us.

It is so devastating to live away from Him in times like these. God, indeed, is our refuge!


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