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The need to activate trust in our country With Dr Nma Olebara (FCAI)

Faith is absolute trust, dependence and confidence in our country,  as our father who stops at nothing providing for us will engender in the citizenry confidence, love, patriotism and pride in our being and this will trigger off healthy competition which in turn will usher in national pride and development.

We can develop faith in our country by doing the right things and in turn getting justice and fair play from our country.

Patriotism simply means love and vigorous support for one’s country. If there is brotherly love and a great majority of compatriots practise them, friendship, truth and honesty, our country will not be in its very state of decadence.

It is very unfortunate that the entire humanity is glidding into chaos, disorder, hopelessness and indifference to acceptable norms and values. Love is necessary in our country because where there is love; there will be no ill-will, no cheating, no stealing, no nepotism, tribalism or war. Where there is love there will be peace and development.

Our individual strength could help our country to be great if we implore the same strength we use in our individual pursuits in matters of national interest as well as bring together our individual strength and talents for the good and upliftement of our father land.

Government should in a like manner inculcate patriotism and nationalism, foster love of humanity, respect for human rights, appreciation of the roles of national heroes in the historical development of the country. Example Nnamdi Azikiwe Herbert Macaulay, Obafemi Awolowe Anthony Enahoro who at the age of 29 passed the motion for Nigeria’s independence. Teach the right and duties of citizenship, strengthen ethical and spiritual values, develop moral character and personal discipline, encourage critical and creative thinking, broaden scientific and technological knowledge and promote vocational efficiency.

The labours of our heroes are partly realized in the sense that at least we have won political independence and that our country inspite of the teething problems is still intact. But we are yet to attain economic independence which our heroes past laboured for. The unity and peace they laboured for have not been realized.

We can ensure that their labours are not in vain through appreciating and immortalizing the names of these heroes through adequate reward system, through living up to the aims and aspirations of these heroes and ensuring that the values for which they lived and died are not only sustained but promoted.

We can become heroes ourselves through drawing inspiration from the lives and times of these our past heroes through hard work, honesty, dedication and patriotism and striving to be the best in our chosen fields.

The pertinent question is this, are we ready to labour for our country, as our past heroes did?

Yes, given the same co-operation and true fellowership our leaders enjoyed. Given the patriotic and detribalized spirit of their time and given a new spirit of co-operation and cohesion by all towards national rebirth.

Yes, we can serve with heart and might by having a spiritual commitment to the service of our fatherland, enjoying not only our strength in the bid but also the spirit. Every service we render must come from the heart.


Yes, if we do not pay up service to our nation, pretending to be doing something which in effect is unproductive. There should be no eye service because it is a negative service that lacks belief and commitment.

Yes, service to one another is imperative for our national development because it is a symbiotic need and can help improve national development for as long as we render service to one another, we are developing the nation.

Nigeria, our native land, our fatherland and our land of birth is calling us to arise. We must arise because it is a duty. We must arise for we are alive and expected to function as lively people. Only the living are called to arise – arise to situations, to summons, to challenges. We must arise because there is a lot of work to do. We must arise because there is a call to do so.

We cannot fold our hands and watch things degenerate to this level. Patriotism is a continuous process which must be encouraged until Nigeria is set free from the siege of bad governance through committed and inspirational leaders.

We can defend our fatherland through good and enviable performances in all that we do every time and everywhere. We can also do that by doing everything to her honour, defence and most importantly through obeying the laws of the land and pursuing a meaningful ambition or objective within the laws of the land.

The problem of Nigeria is from Nigerians. We have all made mistakes and must find out ways of solving our problems. Nigerians will have confidence in government when the decisions taken by government are open and they follow laid down rules and regulations, then and only then will they be alive to their civic responsibilities.

Desire is a wish, achievement comes from hard work. Our desire is to see Nigeria at its best but this cannot be a mere wish as it requires hard work, serious planning, courage and self denial to achieve same. We need to realize that the existence of this country as a nation can only be possible when our leaders change from the nonchalant attitude they show to the plight of Nigerian people to real commitment.

We can no longer tolerate deceit, god fatherism, nepotism, tribalism mediocrity and all the evil that have plagued this country. We need a paradigm shift so that the status of ordinary Nigerians will change, visions and missions also change.



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