Where are the Christian soldiers in Nigeria? By Evans Nmezi

Destruction and persecution await those that bomb the churches, persecute the Christians for they shall for ever suffer the wrath of Jehovah (Duet. 11:4-7). He would fight for Christians and make the blood thirsty Boko Haram militants powerless.

The Northern extremists like Edomites were born to become Sodom and Gomorrah uninhabited for all time having incurred God’s wrath.

The Holy Bible clearly disclosed that Jehovah has condemned Cain and Edom (Boko Haram ancestors) for their fury against the Israelites (Igbos).

So the Mulsim extremists must surely forfeit their title to the desert if the mass killings of Southern Christians in particular continues unabated. (Isa. 34:5-8).

The Jehovah of armies foretold that the sword and bombs used against Christians and Ibos alike would come under God’s justice and judgment and only then would Boko Haram recognizes the painful treatment Jehovah meted to the Egyptians (Ex. 1`9:4) Samarians, Babylonians and Arab nations of the world. By then it would be too late.

Other parts of Nigeria have their militant groups. Though some of them are violent they go with police escorts provided by State Governments. Unfortunately, MASSOB, a non-violent group from South East is persecuted by the police and even the governments of their states of origin.

Can a multicultural nation of more than 350 ethnic languages be forced to live together with religious, cultural, ideological, political and social differences? Is it morally, sensibly and justly acclaimed that someone who ruled the country for eight years is vying to come up  again as a head of state?

It is now clear that the country is competent in producing blind and selfish leaders, billionaires, fraudulent leaders who regard this unstable and brittle country as bona fide property by over zealous cabals and faceless terrorists of Northern origin

But it has to be recalled that the principles of self determination of peoples were centrally embodied in the United Nations 1945 Charter and was made more explicit by Resolution 1514(XV) of December 14, 1960.

This reality gave birth of what has come to be known as the Fourth World, that is, the world’s internationally unrecognized nations, comprising roughly 6000 indigenous peoples engaged in self determination, struggles, seeking to stamp their sovereign, political, economic and socio-cultural voices against the repression oppression and marginalization of ruling overlords or cabals.

Take further notice that examples of struggle in Srilanka, Bangsmorough in the Philippines and Quebecs in Canada, as well as those of Eritrea in the Horn of Africa, Biafra in Nigeria and Katanga in the Congo, may be cited as follow-ups to MASSOB agenda. The South East in particular which is clearly regarded nationwide as outcasts should, without further delay, be united as a formidable front just to tell other ethnic groups in Nigeria that silence for such length of time does not mean cowardice but to gather enduring momentum for forging ahead to successful end.

History is very interesting in the sense that it has made past and current political events particularly in Nigeria to force the afflicted ones to start searching for freedom from oppression marginalization and neglect which must always continue to haunt any unpopular government.


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