Bishop Oti lists qualities of a good leader

The Bishop on-the-Lake, Rt. Rev C.B.N Oti, recently stipulated the attributes of an effective leader in his address to a three-day convention of the Council of Knights and Ladies of St. Christopher of the diocese.

Speaking on the theme “the place of the Christian Knight in the provision of effective leadership in todays church,” the prelate identified what he termed four faces of effective leadership and the angles the leader must wear them.

They include the human face which he recommended should be worn in front, the face of a lion on the right, the face of ox on the left and face of an eagle on the back.

Bishop Oti proceeded to explain the significance of each saying the face of a lion was necessary for a leader to be able to exert authority, while he should wear the human face to have compassion for those he led, the face of an ox to be strong in leadership as, according to him, the face of an eagle would enable the leader to fly high.

He challenged the Knights to demonstrate financial leadership of the diocese given its rural setting and the attendant weak financial base as well as to identify with their local churches and the Diocesan.

The Bishop On-the-Lake frowned at the habit of some Knights to disappear immediately after investiture reminding them that they should play their roles as spiritual leaders in the Church in order to positively influence other members of the Church who hold Knighthood in high esteem.

In their respective addresses, the President of the Council of Knights, Sir Uche Osoagba and the President of Ladies, Lady Ify Aninwe, listed the council’s achievements in the period under  review as they commended the bishop for his overall leadership of the diocese and Knights.

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