Diocese of Owerri empowers more girls

The need for parents to closely monitor the performance of their children or wards undergoing a form of training or skills-acquisition programme has been stressed, in order to ensure positive results at the end of the training session.

The Anglican Bishop of Owerri, the Rt. Rev. Cyril C. Okorocha Ph.D made this remark at Christ the Good Shepherd Centre, Uzii Mission Compound Owerri, during the ceremony to mark the send-forth of the 4th batch of girls trained in Fashion Designing Skills by the Diocese.

Bishop Okorocha expressed the view that, apart from the involvement of both the trainer and the trainee, there is also the need for parents to strive to know, from time to time, how their children and/or wards  are fairing or responding to their training.

The prelate harped on the need for the trainees to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and to always wear decent dresses, emphasizing that if they resort to wearing indecent dresses, they were likely to expose themselves to temptations and violent acts, as young girls.

Earlier in her opening speech, the President of the Owerri Diocesan Women’s Ministries, Dr (Mrs) Eunice I. Okorocha narrated how the programme started and said that the day’s occasion was for all present to witness the passing out of the 4th batch of trainees of the programme.

The programme which, according to her, is sponsored by the Bishop’s Foundation for Mission and Development in collaboration with the Akabuisi Charitable Trust (TACT), and supervised by the Diocesan Women’s Ministries, is intended to empower young girls with fashion-designing skills, that would help them to be self-reliant and even help their parents and siblings in future.

She noted that while a few of the trainees had not been faithful and responsive to their training schedules, some of the service providers entrusted with the training programme have at times tended to use the girl trainees as their personal house helps, not minding that they  were paid specifically to train the girls for an agreed period of time.

The Bishop’s wife noted that the trainees were expected to get well-trained in the skill, and to become useful not only to themselves through opening their own workshops and being self-dependent but also to be in a position to train other girls, as well as help their relatives, adding that even as fashion designers, they should also seize any opportunity available to them to enhance themselves educationally.

The Women’s Ministries President announced that the recruitment of new trainees is not open to people from certain areas alone, but also to interested boys and girls from all parts of the Diocese of Owerri,

Both the Bishop and the Women’s Ministries President indicated strong willingness to train interested boys and girls in other fields such as teaching, nursing etc, provided such people would show commitment and Christian attitude in their lives.

The nine graduating trainees in the 4th batch were each presented with one new sewing machine, a six-yard piece of cloth, cash of N10,000 to enable them start off their own sewing business, and another sum of one thousand naira to  as transport allowance, to and fro the venue of the ceremony, with a promise that any amount from N10,000 and above which they are able to genuinely turn out after one year henceforth, will be doubled for them.

The Bishop quickly warned that any act of dishonesty exhibited in this regard will not fail to attract God’s wrath against the offender.

Members of the third batch who met the set-out conditions received double the amount they were able to save within the past one year. The occasion attracted many dignitaries and church representatives who donated cash and also promised to supply more new sewing machines to keep the scheme alive.

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