Bishop advises against military take-over

The Anglican Bishop of Ikeduru, Rt. Rev. Emma C. Maduwike, has acknowledged the dire security situation in the country but advised some power hungry soldiers not to see it as an opportunity to attempt to take over power from the civilians.

Speaking to Christian voice in his office last Tuesday on the third anniversary of the creation of the diocese which comes up today, the bishop reiterated that the “worst civilian government is better than the most benevolent military dictatorship”.

The prelate expressed sympathy with the President Goodluck Jonathan for the tight security corner he has found himself in and dissociated himself from the view that he is weak, arguing rather that he is being tactical and diplomatic in handling the issue in order not to play into the hands of those who want the country dismembered.

Asked to clarify his stand on whether Christians should retaliate against the unprovoked attacks on their churches or not, the Bishop of Ikeduru advised Christians to “watch and pray” pointing out, however, that there is a limit to human endurance.

On the third anniversary celebration of Ikeduru Diocese, Rt Rev. Maduwike expressed profound gratitude to God for “calling him and equipping him” in his episcopacy, pointing out that God has showered  such  favour on Ikeduru Diocese that the strides made in three year’s of the diocese existence have surpassed those of some  older dioceses.

He also paid glowing tribute to the priests, church workers and “Ikeduru sons and daughters” for their  phenomenal contributions to ensure the growth of the young diocese.

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