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Attitude is a way of life sustained for a long period and personified as well as synonymous with an individual’s behavioral pattern. Your attitude defines and determines your altitude meaning that your attitude would determine the height and distance you can go in life’s journey and pursuits. Good life is life that is good, life that is devoid of anything ill, bad, distasteful, worrisome, abnormal, and condemnable. It is a life of honour, decency, honest service, sacrifice, love, peace and concord.

Good life entails courage, courage to stand for what is right even when the majority is on the wrong part. It entails truthfulness, which is power. It showcases humility, Christ is our good example of humility. He is an embodiment of humility. He humbled himself before the father and was obedient unto death. How many of you will your parents say, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased” as was said of Jesus? Or will they say this is my stupid child that gives me heartache.

Good life involves patience and does not rush on matters, discernment and wise counseling. There is time for everything, time to read, time to play and enjoy. Some are faster that their legs and by the time they realize it, they are pregnant and that dream of being a doctor, lawyer, engineer becomes a mirage. We keep emphasizing on abstinence, keeping your virginity till you get married.  Don’t ever listen to those sweet nothings of “I love you pass my mother” its just to deceive you, the moment a problem ensues, he would deny you or tell you to abort and you may lose your life. Anyone who truly loves you will encourage you to face your studies and wait. You may even contact HIV/AIDS. Positive attitudes help create happy children. Positive attitude in every aspect of a child’s life will help her develop into a compassionate young adult who also cares about what is going on around her.

According to Ayo Olaniyan “True courage is shown having positive attitude to life’s struggles.” Good life demonstrates self-respect and in turn attracts respect from the public. It does not insist on taking but insists on giving. Good life is silently and inwardly respected by even the mighty and powerful that do not lead good lives.

For instance in March 2012, I was given an International Award of Excellence Abuja as the Role Model of the year. I was surprised that the little effort I make is being recognized. This shows that the life we live each day becomes our legacy. What legacy are you leaving behind? Legacy is some thing you leave behind to the next person or generation. It could be principles, possession, it can be people you have influenced whose lives are better as a result of coming in contact with you. I hope people will remember me as a Positive Inspiration Change Agent and Exemplary Role model. You must be conscious of creating your own legacy. The sum of how you live each day becomes your legacy. Your desire in life should be to enrich your life and that of others positively. The ability to create a positive legacy is greatly dependent on a person’s attitude. Be intentional about your legacy and keep living it. You can create a legacy worthy of emulation by choosing today the legacy you want to hand over to others.

Many students that are sent to school to learn not only in academics but also in other aspects so as to fit into the society properly have lost focus. The way a person dresses, tells much  about his or her personality. Many of you engage in acts that are inimical to the progress of your studies. The time you are supposed to be serious with your studies you wasteit playing music from your cell phones, Face book, 2go, twitter and video games. Others keep making midnight free calls and watching European leagues.

Others engage in smoking cigarettes, and drugs abuse. Some are addicted to alcohol and Indian hemp and by the time they realize it, their brain is affected hence so many are naked on the streets. Others get involved in cultism. Our secondary schools and higher institutions have turned to be fertile ground for cultism. They care less for morality and rules and regulations. They live extravagant and violent lives. They have left parents in perpetual pains and anguish, some have lost their lives while others are maimed for life. What type of power and protection can you get from cultism? God is the source of all power, come back to him and live your life to the fullest.

Look up to the good ones and emulate them. Whatever you want to be, you will be, just believe in yourself and God. As long as you remain focused, with determination, hard work, the sky will be your stepping  stone.

Finally, academic or professional excellence is not a parameter for measuring a good life worthy of emulation. For instance, Bill Gates dropped out of university and later founded Microsoft and today his net worth is $53b. I am not saying that you should drop out of school because your certificate is a very big advantage.


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