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He who hates his brother is a murderer

The word ‘hatred’ is inversely proportional to love and exists only in dictionary of the ‘ungodly’. It is a total abhorrence of a person on another. This fact makes a lot of people to extremely revile their brother and engage in disgust against such a one. as a group, they takes every orientation, counsel, message, teachings which they receive from church services they attend, the sermons they hear, the word of God and the kingdom business as a mere story. They have vowed in their hearts never to love as Christ taught us, (!Corl3).

What shall you gain from those you have sent to early grave so that you can live many more years? Or those you are sitting on their destinies? The antipathy we hold on one another is due to the ignorance of the fact that our brothers should be taken and treated the same way as us. Unnecessary antagonism has broken the love and uniting pots of many families and make them aliens to one another.

Many of the fore-fathers brought curses which many of -us are suffering today by their wickedness and hatred. A good number of them harmed the world by killing the stars of the various families out of hatred and ignorance. Had it been that the other sons of Jacob succeeded and killed Joseph, hunger and death would have been the lot of their race for seven years. How many have you killed with your poisonous mouth? Do you not know that when you speak evil or gossip or scornfully break peoples’ heart that you commit murder, too?

See, God is watching us all. Each of us must surely reap what we sow, in life or in death. God loves us and does not want us to make the mistakes our fathers made. Therefore let us repent NOW or regret forever. Let us ask God for forgiveness and the grace to love eyer^one as ourselves. If possible lets go for cleansing and counseling.