Permanent solution to Ekemele-Akabo flood

For sometime now, the condition of the strategic Owerri-Okigwe road at Ekemele-Akabo, close to the Imo State Capital has been so bad that motorists are forced to divert to village roads covering 10 kilometres to get into Owerri.

The problem of the spot is that it is permanently water-logged during the rains causing vehicles to get stuck there, thereby completely blocking the road.

When recently the Imo State government, after waiting in vain on the federal government to meet her responsibility on the road, mobilised heavy earth-moving equipments and heaps of chippings at the site, regular users of the road, heaved a big sigh of relief firmly believing that the problem would receive a permanent solution.

Though some work have been done there, the problem of flooding has persisted with the resultant traffic jam at the spot for which a vehicle could stay for three hours before wriggling out of the stretch of a mere 50 metres.

This suggests technical incompetence on the part of the handlers of the job or government’s reluctance to take a decisive action to permanently mend the spot.

It is our view that to check the flooding at the spot, some structures have to give way to construct drainages to channel the flood water. This obviously implies payment of compensations by government to those whose properties would be affected.

Once this has been sorted out, we suggest that the contract for the project be awarded to a competent outfit to ensure that the Ekemele-Akabo flood is checked once-and-for-all because, as the saying goes, what is worth doing is worth doing well.


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