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Corruption: Nigeria’s problem

It is obvious that the corruption crisis in Nigeria is gradually degenerating to the most deplorable state. The frequency and arrogance associated with this vice shows that the Nigeria 37th state is corruption and the beneficiaries are the same corrupt elites with their children as the operatives of this evil state.

Corruption has become an acceptable way of doing business for those in public offices. The government is powerless in its fight against corruption because those appointed to either investigate or prosecute are corrupt or loyal to their corrupt god fathers.

Therefore, we are in a vicious circle and any attempt to step out of this circle can be seen as a qualified betrayal of their masters. The Nigerian state is craving for a dramatic overhaul of the institutions and the operatives of the system.

The problem faced with such transformation is that the will power is lacking and there is no sincerity of purpose. The Nigeria nation is set on a visionless journey by selfish individuals that have controlled the resources of this country since its independence.

They have metamorphosed from military to armed politicians, controlling the resources of this great nation, brutalising its ability to grow and shattering the hopes of millions of innocent citizens.  We have witnessed the various scams at the high levels of government, state governors, state assembly, national assembly, pension funds, oil subsidy fraud etc, the lists could go on and on.

The recent indictment of the sons of the respective political leaders is a clear manifestation that this nation is faced with a serious war within. A nation where fathers deny their sons to save their jobs and political status. Nigerians should wake up to the reality of life; these individuals feel that all Nigerians are cowards, maybe, by distancing themselves from their indicted sons and daughters can be seen as a reasonable and decent thing to do, but the truth remains that these families have destroyed many Nigerians by denying them quality education, jobs, good roads, electricity, quality life and above all security of life’s and properties. It is alright to deny their corrupt children on the pages of the newspapers but to turn around to raise fund for their bail and manipulate the judicial process that will finally set them free. Nigerians, wake up, stand up for what is right and reclaim your destiny and freedom from these individuals. This is an internal war declared against millions of Nigerians. This is no corruption but modern day robbery and slavery.


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