Ekemele ‘nightmare’

The agony faced by motorists and commuters on the busy Owerri-Okigwe road is yet to abate as the bad spot at Ekemele in Akabo Ikeduru local government area of Imo State continues to deteriorate, following government’s inability to drain the flood and repair the road.

This is despite repeated appeals by concernedNigerians to government agencies concerning the deplorable state of the Federal Road which also links Imo State and Enugu State.

From either side of the road, commuters are confronted with endless row of vehicles queuing up in a mounting traffic jam to wade across the heavily flooded spot, sometimes getting stuck in the process.

Reconstruction which began shortly after attention was drawn to the spot by Christian Voice appear to have been abandoned.

Early in June government had responded by sending a team of construction workers to the site with earth-moving equipment and chippings.

Apparently overwhelmed by the rains thereafter, the workers left and the equipment disappeared.

A motorist, James Okoro, seen diverting through bush paths to circumvent the spot complained of the man hours wasted as well as the harassment of villagers who feel their environment is being assaulted.

“I got tired of waiting in the queue, so I took this path. Now I got confronted by young boys who demanded toll from me and other cars that I am following”, he told Christian Voice.

Another bus driver simply threw up his hands in disgust, saying, “we have suffered too much on this road”.

On one occasion, youths who were collecting tolls from cars taking diversion took to their heels on sighting siren-blaring Police vehicle which also took the bush path.

The situation is worsened by the take over of the bad spot by unemployed graduates and school leavers who now operate as traffic controllers and toll collectors to the astonishment of motorists most of them from other states who feel sad about government’s inability to fix the road.

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