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Mind your business, APGA warns PDP

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been warned to mind its business and leave All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) alone.

The APGA, Deputy National Chairman South, Chief Ejike Uche, while addressing journalists in Owerri, blamed the PDP and its supporters in Anambra State for all the crises in APGA.

“PDP should leave APGA alone. There are some forces that are trying to create problems for APGA and to destroy it because  they see it as a formidable force coming up. You can see what they are doing to the Nigerian economy and they are not ready to release power to people who can handle it. They should mind their programmes. Nigerians are coming out to know that the problems of APGA are situated in PDP”, he said.

Chief Uche, who noted that the prediction of the founder of APGA, late Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, that his people will be free and that APGA will be the one that will set Nigerians free is about to happen. He described APGA as a political party set to redress the issue of marginalization of the Igbos across the country and set all marginalized geopolitical groups in Nigeria free.

“APGA, at its conception, had in mind the liberation and setting free of all marginalized geopolitical groups in Nigeria and that makes APGA a national party. It is to redress issues of marginalization across the country not only of marginalization across, the country not only in the Eastern zone. It is Eastern based but it takes care of the whole”.

He noted that the latest court injunction by the High Court in Enugu restricting their National Chairman, Chief Victor Umeh, from conducting any meeting of the party was as a result of a suit filed by Okoli Chike in Enugu, who he said, was  expelled from the party in 2008 because of anti-party activities.

“We are putting the whole blame on PDP and its cohorts in Anambra State because when we were at the court on Monday  we saw government officials coming from Anambra State”, he said.

Chief Uche vowed that APGA members would “swim and sink with their national chairman”.

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