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Muslim leaders tasked on true status of Boko Haram

Leaders of the Muslim community in Nigeria must examine the doctrine of the Boko Haram group and tell Nigerians if their actions are justifiable or not, former Federal permanent secretary, Dr. Hakeem Baba Ahmed has said.

Speaking at the 2nd annual Ramadan lecture of the Muslim Media Publisher’s Association of Nigeria in Kaduna at the weekend, he said since the sect claims to be fighting a war on behalf of Islam, it is important for the Muslim community to engage them and find out the doctrinal basis of what they are doing.

He lamented that nobody appears to be concerned about examining the doctrine of the group, with a view to guiding it and the entire Muslim community in the nation.

“We must not leave the Boko Haram group with government alone. We must examine the doctrinal basis of the fight and know whether they are right or wrong and those responsible for interpreting and guiding the Muslim community must do that,” he said.

On the bombing of churches in Kaduna and Zaria and the reprisal that followed sometime ago, Baba Ahmed maintained that there will never be a time when there would no more Muslims or Christians in the state.

Earlier in his lecture entitled; “Unity and Dialogue Among Nigerians”,  Ustaz Mustapha Yakubu said Muslims must desist from following religious leaders who preach different doctrines. While describing Christianity and Islam as religions of mercy and peace, Ustaz Yakubu expressed confidence that if adherents of the two religions can follow the teachings of their holy books, there will be peace in the country.

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