Welcoming the ‘August Break’

This period in the month of August each year which heralds a “break”- cessation  of rains after two months of heavy down pour – is now here with us.

It is a period like this that well-focused authorities of the land at various levels of administration buckle up efforts to mend roads broken up by rains and erosion especially in the rural areas.

The Imo Rescue Mission which not long ago embarked upon massive road construction throughout the state, should seize the opportunity of the ‘break’ to tidy up the noble efforts it started by fixing rural roads most of which are impassable, either as a result of tardy work by contractors, or those abandoned for various reasons.

A tour of the state roads would convince anyone that a touch-up is necessary in order to rescue the dilapidated areas and give full expression to the agenda of the Rochas administration instead of rubbishing  the effort.

The same goes for the Federal roads in Imo State, most of which have not caught the attention of the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA): the Ekemele/Akabo road junction is a case in point. We have, on many occasions, drawn the attention of the state government to this veritable artery of commerce now in a terrible state of disrepair as a result of flooding.

It is our contention that the state should repair the road and forward the bill to the Federal government whose responsibility  is to maintain it.

Whatever has to be done should start now that the rains have ceased for sometime.

Let all hands be on deck as we welcome the August ‘Break’.


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