Achebe writes on Biafra

A new book by ace writer and university professor, Chinua Achebe, will debut next month.

The book which is his personal experience in the defunct Biafra, is entitled “There was a country”, and is published by Penguin Publishers.

Achebe, who was shot into limelight by his classic novel, Things Fall Apart, played vital diplomatic roles in Biafra during the Nigerian civil war.

A social critic and master story teller, Achebe has written more than 20 books, one of which is The Trouble with Nigeria in which he x-rayed Nigeria’s problems in a vivid and candid.

He joined the Biafran Ministry of Information in 1966 when the war broke out after holding the position of Director of External Broadcasting in Radio Nigeria.

Born in Ogidi, Anambra State, the literary icon has a good number of awards for his intellectual achievements and is now the David and Marianna Fisher University professor and Professor of Africana Studies at Brown University.

Achebe, in an interview with a correspondent, condemned what he termed the “beating down” of older African cultures and languages and called for a stop to this.

He disclosed that he had embarked on an Igbo language project, through the Achebe Foundation, aimed at developing the language dictionary as well as a data base of phonetics to preserve the Igbo language which, he lamented, is fast disappearing.

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