Imo rural roads need urgent repairs

We are once more drawing the attention of the Okorocha Rescue Mission to the dilapidated condition of roads in our rural communities made so by torrential rains.

We shall not relent in our effort to continue to drum it into the ears of the authorities because these roads are the bedrock of the social and economic wellbeing of the rural people.

Multiple potholes are a common feature on  the roads in the rural communities, and these constitute a havoc to road users whose vehicles are damaged in the process.

For instance, cost of maintenance of vehicles put out of action and rendered rickety as a result of the porous nature of the roads, has hit the roofs in a cash-strapped state.

Words cannot effectively describe the deplorable condition of these roads under reference because they are now worse than when the tractors and other road maintenance equipment worked on  them few months ago.

Need we repeat the appeal that total rescue operation is called for, to salvage the lives and property of the rural dwellers almost cut off from the state capital.

This appeal is being made in the wake of a prediction that the rains would cease in the next few months. This period will offer the contractors the opportunity to make hay while the sun shines, as the saying goes.

We are, however happy that our incessant appeal in this regard did not fall on deaf ears. The Federal Road Maintenance  Agency (FERMA) whose responsibility it is to maintain  federal roads nationwide, has promised to embarked upon the repair of the death-trap called Ekemele/Akabo flood zone in Ikeduru local government area of Imo State.

It would be recalled that we shouted ourselves hoarse on the despicable condition of this highway until it caught the attention of the federal authorities.

We wish that FERMA, now that it has woken from slumber, should also extend its dragnet to other federal roads in Imo State that call for proper attention.

Contractors handling rural roads in Imo State should brace up, and do  good jobs on our roads, shunning tardy jobs that easily give way with a touch of rainfall.

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