Group worried over international community’s silence

A Christian group is worried that the world had remained silent while Christians are being slaughtered globally, particularly in Nigeria and Egypt.

In a report released recently, the group claimed that more than 1,000 Christian have been killed by the Boko Haram since the insurgency began in 2009.

The report lamented that despite denials of western leaders, Islamists are moving forward with “an organized plan to eradicate Christianity in Muslim dominated countries”.

“Churches are burned to the ground and Christian worshippers are blown to bits on a regular basis in Egypt and Nigeria,” the report stated, adding that jihadists are killing Christians in Syria with impurity and only one church is standing today in Afghanistan.

The group called on nations of the world to defend Christians and stop making feeble excuses for Islamic supremacy.

The report made it clear that the issue was about Muslim extremism rather then poverty, recalling that the world was silent in 1939 when Hitler attempted to wipe out Europe’s Jews. “Will the world remain silent again as the middle East’s remaining Christians are slowly and silently annihilated?”, the group asked.

It stated that while 75 million Christians are being terrorized in Nigeria, Egypt’s 10 million Coptic Christians are in danger, with 100,000 of the fleeing the country since the election of Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, Mohammed Morsi, as President of Egypt.

“It is sad day for the nation, when a noble people  with a history in Egypt that began hundreds of years before the existence of Islam, are forced to flee their homeland in fear for their lives”, it added.

The report also recalled an a fight that broke out when a launderer, Samch Samy, inadvertently burned a shirt of his Muslim client, Ahmad Ramadan. Ramadan had spurned an agreement to return in the evening for settlement and had laid siege on the launderer in the afternoon with 300his Muslim brothers.

Again, in August 14, an Egyptian newspaper revealed that Islamist groups distributed leaflets calling for the killing of Coptic Christians who refuse to convert to Islam.

It quoted Jerry Dyskstra, World watch spokesman as saying that Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, holds one of the keys to the Gospel’s spread in Africa.

“Nigeria is so vital to the spread of Christianity throughout Africa. Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa with about 150million people, is 51 percent Christian and around 45 percent Muslim”, it stated.

It gave credit to few politicians such as Italy’s International Cooperation Minister, Andrea Riecardi, who,  recognizing that Islamic supremacy is behind the violence in Nigeria, said “Christian blood has again been spilled in Nigeria according to a now clear plan of ethnic and religious cleansing. The international community can no longer look on at his massacre of innocent people without intervention”.

The group condemned the Obama administration which sees the bombings, killings and lootings as about social justice as Boko Haram clearly stated that the Nigeria state and Christians are their enemies and their goal is to establish an Islamic state in place of the secular state.

Boko Haram, it observed went to the extent of telling President Goodluck Jonathan to “repent and forsake Christianity” or the violence will continue.


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