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The evergreen notes of Enoch-Agulanna Anyanwu (OFR, KSC, PoM) Author: Prof Lady Beatrice Ngozi Anyanwu Reviewer: Prof Moses O.E. Iwuala, KSC


I certainly feel honoured to have been invited to serve as Book Reviewer on this very special occasion, marking the memorial service of a late sage, who as we all know, lived a most rewarding and saintly life. Indeed I consider it a special privilege to be chosen to speak on the well-documented “Notes,” detailing the minutes, spiritual thoughts and reflections of a man of great intellect, great means, great achievements and great reputation, who inspite of all these, showed great humility in serving his maker, our Almighty God, to whom he has ultimately returned, joyful and contented, at a mature age, following a good and faithful sojourn on earth. I am therefore certainly grateful to his dear wife and widow, Professor Lady Beatrice Ngozi Anyanwu and the entire Anyanwu family of Umuariam, Obowo for nominating me for this befitting labour of love.


For a meaningful review of any book, some essential elements need to be reckoned with. Among such considerations are the following:

The Title of the Book: How apt, and how accurate and concise is it?

The Essence of the Book: Of what value or relevance is the book and is it really worth while having  such a book?

Author of the Book:   How qualified and how competent  or suitable, is the author; and what is the level of authority?

Subject and Message of the Book:   What is the subject and message of the book; its main theme and focus;  and what is the over-all scope and coverage of the book?

Style and Presentation of the Book: Here we reckon with the quality of the text, the language flow, and the sequence of ideas; together with the arrangement of Chapters sections and citations/references


Publisher of the Book: How   reputable,   creditable   and

authentic is the publisher?

. Quality of the Book: Here   we   take   account   of   the printing   and   production   quality; and the binding and finish of the book etc.

. Target Readers: We consider for whom the book is meant, and who else are likely to benefit from the book?

. Cost of the Book: This focuses on the estimated unit cost of the book as an index of how affordable it is to would-be readers.

. A vailability of the Book: How available is the book for easy access to the general public?



In the light of the foregoing parameters, one is minded to assess the Book “Evergreen Notes of Enoch Agulanna Anyanwu” as follows:

« The Title of the Book is apt, concise and self-explanatory as the book documents the indelible and time-honoured notes of the late sage.

The Essence and Relevance of the Book are not in doubt, being a handy  compendium   of Biblical  Thoughts  and   Interpretations, together  with   Christian   Doctrines  and   Admonitions  of  great spiritual value.

The Author of the Book is not only, eminently qualified, in her own right, to deal with the subject matter, but also she is undoubtedly  the best suited to collate and  present the work, for the benefit of all and sundry,

As for the Subject and Message of the Book, these are exceedingly rich and rewarding for any and every genuine Christian faithful who is interested in following in the footsteps of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Among other things, the select and incisive treatment of such inspiring topics as the following are worth-noting:

“Christ Jesus, Our Primary Focus”

“The agonies of His death”

“The Victory for God’s people ”

“Giving thanks even in the midst of persecution”

“The Grace of giving”

“Using our Testimonies to encourage others'”

“Holy Ghost empowerment”

“Divine Intervention”

“The efficacy of earnest prayer”

“God’s faithfulness to His Covenant”

“The purpose-driven life”

“The Peace of God which passeth all Understanding”

Together with other equally challenging topics, all these sub-themes go to deepen and enrich our understanding of the Christian faith, thus underscoring its indomitable foundations, unfathomable dimensions and characteristic intricacies; plus the reality of the unlimited presence, favours and blessings of our God Almighty.

The Style and presentation of the Book deserve commendation, as the text is written in simple and explicit language, with the ideas flowing sequentially to make for easy reading and understanding. Altogether the book is in eight (8) Chapters, ranging from the “Introduction” in Chapter (1) and some background information on Religion, Christianity and the Bible Story in Chapters (2) through more in-depth treatment of several topical issues in subsequent Chapters; to the concluding Chapter (8) that focuses on God’s favour, His Covenant relationships and His limitless endowments for the peace, progress and prosperity of His people.

With  regard to  the Book Publisher,  we  note that the  book “Evergreen Notes of Enoch Agulanna Anyanwu (OFR, KSC, PoM)”is essentially a sponsored volume, printed and produced locally, for the author and her family by an up-coming Press, Messrs “Richgrip Publishing” based in Imo State/Nigeria.

The overall Quality of the Book is nevertheless commendable, in consideration   of  the   rather   high   standard   of  the   printing, production, binding and finish of the Volume.

commendable, in consideration   of  the   rather   high   standard   of  the   printing, production, binding and finish of the Volume.

As for Target readers, there is no gain-saying the fact that this book will prove a worthy companion for any practising Christian faithful;  and  most especially for the institutional  grooming of Christian Youths, Seminarians and Born-again Christians, who are interested in deepening their faith and understanding of God’s word, through guided Bible Studies,

The Unit cost of the book has been placed tentatively at five hundred naira (N500;=) only; which by current standards is quite affordable, and certainly within the reach of all and sundry, including students,

Availability of the book will of course depend, by and large, on the quantity produced; and the efficacy of its distribution to Bookshops, Schools and Colleges, and to other Institutions, Churches and Libraries etc. No doubt the market forces of demand and supply will surely apply.


In conclusion, I should stress that the book “Evergreen Notes of Enoch Agulanna Anyanwu (OFR, KSC, POM)” is a very worthy compilation that addresses highly topical issues in Christian Spirituality and Faithfulness. The book has been carefully put together out of a sense of mission, and is generally of good quality. I therefore feel able and confident in recommending the book for the use of all well-meaning and committed Christians generally.


Director, Linkages and Advancement Unit Office of the Vice-Chancellor Federal University of Technology Owerri. Imo State, Nigeria


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