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The youth is the age of greatness and ability in every society. He is a young person between the teen years and early twenties to below childhood and maturity. At the end of our interaction you will be able to rate yourself and know the type of youth you are, whether you are a blessing to the society or a curse.


God created each of us for a specific purpose. We are not here by accident everyone has the potential to be great, to be successful, its just a matter of deciding what your purpose is, focus on your intention and manifest your vision and dream into reality. God has endowed you with a lot of potentials and all eyes are on you to appreciate what God has deposited in your life, so your must fulfill your mission on earth. Success is not a specific destination nor a never ending journey that you choose. It is your consistent progress towards achieving your highest purpose, your vision in all areas of your life. It is about achieving balance in all the key areas of your life. It is not based on who you know, rather the depth of your belief in yourself, hard work consistency and remaining focused. Your destiny is in your hands, focus is the master key to the golden door of success. Focus is anything that consumes your time, energy, finance and attention.

Am sure majority of you here are students. Your parents sent you to school to learn, but most of the time when you are supposed to be reading, you engage yourselves in things that are not academically useful to you. They spend most of their time on frivolous things such as exploring facilities on cell phones like face book, twitter, 2go, watching cable network on television, playing unlimited video games, music, watching European football and other programmes. What happens in our education system these days is nothing to be desired. What is in vogue is to become a member of secret cult whose membership, transactions and model of operations are carried out in the secret with terrible oaths their members are bound to. They care less for morality, rules and regulations of their institutions.

How can a student be carrying dangerous weapons and initiating student at night? Is that what your parents sent you to do? Many hide under it to steal and kidnap, living extravagant and violent lives. The tears of parents are much as they, are left in perpetual pains and anguish through the untimely deaths of their loved ones and those maimed for life with permanent disability, ruining their purpose on earth. It was                            Myles Munroe who said that “the greatest tragedy in life in not death but life that fails to fulfill its purpose”.

What kind of power or status do you think you can acquire from cultism? It is disheartening and a great tragedy to see our students get involved in this anti social activity and be rusticated in the end. It’s not your portion, reject it now and make a U-turn in your life. According to                           Jephter Akaehie “To be successful, it really required doing what successful people do, which is becoming action oriented”.

Hard work is the master key for academic success. I want to assure you that you are a success story and not a failure. You are a blessing not a curse. Take action today. You possess certain qualities, specific gift and worthy traits that make you unique. Understand the importance of your uniqueness. Do not move away from the essence of what God made you. God gave you a purpose in life, find it and create your own success”.

The issue of unwanted pregnancy and abortion among our teenagers and youth have increased astronomically. Never give in to pre-marital sex till you get married. Abstinence is the best option, no marriage, no sex. Don’t allow yourself to be messed up for you to become a victim of rejection and unwanted pregnancy. Virginity is a virtue and the norm was for you to go to your husbands house on a wedding day as a virgin. The joyful anticipation of the marriage bed and sexual union with you partner should not be spoilt with pre-marital sex. It builds trust and respect for each other towards building a happy marriage. But how many of you here are still virgins? If, carry a survey on both boys and girls, the result will be alarming.

Some who cannot bear the share contemplate abortion. Abortion is murder because a baby dies, whether you used the word remove, terminate, wash, evacuate. Don’t ever think of abortion, to avoid God’s wrath and the trauma of destroying a pregnancy. You may even lose your life in the process. Avoid pre-marital sex completely because you may contact HIV/AIDS and STD. Never do anything that will ruin your future and bring regret at last. How many of our youths here are involved in Drug Abuse? Which one are you addicted to, cigarettes, marijuana or Indian hemp (wee wee) Alcohol. Drug abuse causes brain damage because it affects the way the brain functions to situations.

It damages the ability of people to act as free and conscious beings capable of taking actions to fulfill their needs. The consequences are very devastating and very shameful. Further consequences are violence among youths, terrorism, armed robbery, kidnapping fraud, theft, lack of respect for elders, rape, restiveness etc. Our youths are so much in a hurry they want to be rich at all cost and by all means but many are lazy, lack foresight. They want to flock into businesses that can easily earn them money and fame, not minding the true essence of their being, of fulfilling certain purposes in life. The present economic crisis has revealed that many have attempted to take shortcuts towards achieving financial success.

The increasing wave of violence and ritual killing among youths boil down to desperation and craze for wealth. We are today living in a society were where value has fallen to its lowest ebb. The craze for material possession and power has turned many into beasts, without souls. People are now living in fear, tension and insecurity. Things are getting out of hand. No day passes without one form of atrocity or the other. Kidnapping, robberies, rape, prostitution have remained unabated. Where are we heading to? Any youth that engages in these vices is a curse to the society and any that engages in the virtue is a blessing, so call the result for yourself.

Discipline comes through self control. This means that you must control all negative qualities. Before you can control conditions, you must first control yourself, so said Napoleon Hill.

A disciplined youth thinks good thoughts, follows a particular code of conduct or order. It requires self discipline, which is the ability to get yourself to take actions regardless of yourself to take actions regardless of your emotional state. Self discipline empowers self discipline to overcome any addiction. Self discipline is like a muscle, the more you train, the stronger it becomes, the less you train it, the weaker you become.

Finally, youths should realized the they are stake holders in the affairs of this country and are capable of influencing the actions of government and those in authority. You people should resolve from this moment to make yourselves active instruments in ensuring that your views on important national issues count. I encourage you to henceforth use your vibrant energy not ruly but in positive and constructive manner to engage the authorities that be in tackling the various political, economic and social, problem bedeviling our country. Please avoid violence and rioting but seek for peace and create a change for the better so that our country will move to the higher level. After all, tomorrow belong to you and you should be found fit in every wise to take over form the current generation of leaders of our beloved country.

Life is what you make of it, as you make your bed, so you lie on it. Winston Churchill tells us that “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Therefore, Be Different and Make a Big Difference.

God has endowed you with a lot of potential and all eyes are on you to appreciate what God has deposited in your life, so fulfill you mission on earth.

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