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Lady gives 322 men HIV/AIDS

Tongues are wagging in Nairobi, Kenya from a text message a lady student in the University of Nairobi forwarded to a colleague.

It read: “I am a student and I am HIV-positive. I swore I would spread the thing because I got infected during my first experience. I have slept with 322 guys in my campus and two outside. I wanted to infect 2,500 people but the guilt is now killing me.”

This shocking report comes barely two months after another female student at Moi University released a list of 90 guys and pinned it on a campus notice board claiming she had infected (or at least deliberately tried to infect) all of them with the virus. In the list were two names of prominent politicians.

The female student is bitter because she was infected on her first attempt at sex. More than ever before, sexual immorality, substance abuse and criminal acts have become the new nightmare among students in local universities.

In fact, academic excellence has become secondary to the vices. Whatever it takes, students will go to any length to ensure that they enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and every good thing life brings their way.


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