Okorocha tasks women on peace

Imo State governor, Owelle Rochas Anayo has challenged Muslim and Christian women to initiate proactive measures that will offer solutions to Boko Haram insurgency that has threatened peace in the northern Nigeria. Governor Okorocha who stated while speaking at the 27th Annual National Conference of Federation of Muslim Women’s Association in Nigeria [FOMWAN] argued that time is up for a joint  action group comprising both Muslim and Christian women with the task of working collectively to ensure a sustainable peace particularly in the Northern part of the country. The governor said “I want to declare now that Imo has become the center of unity in the Federal republic of Nigeria.  I say this because by my left hand side are the Christian women, my right hand side are the Muslim women meaning that God is about doing something through the women of Federal republic of Nigeria. “Men love ego, men love crises, but mothers love peace because nobody feels the pains of carrying a child for nine months like they feel.”

So, there are no better people to make peace in the north and south than the women of Nigerian.   May I urge you to set up a Joint Action Group of both Muslim and Christian Women working together towards bringing peace in all parts of Northern Nigeria”.

Governor Okorocha also pointed out that the solution to Boko Haram insurgency should not be left for politicians and those in the corridors of power to avoid further politicization of the matter. “My suggestion is that the issue of Boko Haram should not be left to politicians for it will get further politized.”

“If you also leave it in the hands of those in government, it may get worse and that’s why I

want mothers to take the front stage.  Now, I want you to go back to those your usual manner of crying when your child has not done well.  Your tears alone can stop Boko Haram” Governor Okorocha lamented.

He reiterated that peace remains the best option in the faces of security challenges that have recently threatened the peace and unity of Nigeria as a nation adding that much development will not be achieved in an atmosphere characterized by insecurity.

The governor also dismissed the insinuation suggesting that Islam as a religion, is a vehicle of violence even as he maintained that Boko Haram activities are not targeted at Christians. “We need not to be told that Islam is a religion of peace and the whole world understands that and we believe in it.  But let me tell all of us that what we must preach now is nothing but a thing of brotherhood. Though tribe and tongue may differ, though colours may differ, but in brotherhood we all stand.  Let us preach the gospel of unity and togetherness” Governor Okorocha said.

Governor Okorocha commended President Goodluck Jonathan for his wisdom in combating the activities of the dreaded group and other security challenges. He said “I commend Mr President because his wisdom has helped in making sure that the crises does not degenerate into religious war.  We must thank him for ensuring that muslims and Christians remain in one united family”’

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