Prof Basil Fadipe’s ‘God particle’ and the limits of science

We must start this write up with a declaration that we are no scientist or technologists. We are just a run of the mill general intellectual inquirer. Our hobby is to intellectually attempt to study our almighty God, religion in all its ramifications and the theories and incidents which propel and motivate this side of eternity.

Professor Basil Fadipes’ write up in the “Weekend Newspoint” of the 17th August 2012 excited us, as we have always believed that in spite of the stupendous achievements of science and technology they eventually reach a limit where the almighty and omniscient Being, our God, takes over. This is what we have always pronounced as the limit of science and technology and the beginning of the God, Creator of the universe and its mysteries.

Professor Fadipe discussed the atom which was formally regarded as the ultimate particle of any matter. He revealed that Particle Physicists try to break down the atom to its ultimate state by enducing it to clash against itself at the highest velocity of movement. He further revealed that this process goes on until “there is no longer anything that can be torn down”. Professor Fadipe termed this stage as ‘the very cradle of definable matter to that equals its irreducible ultimate, something of a twilight zone between tangibility and intangibility”. He declared that Arrival in the zone would probable imply the arrival of science into the world of spirits”.

What Professor Fadipe was indicating in his article is what we have also termed the limit of science and technology and the beginning of God. The learned professor came to our support when he stated that the transition from “God particle” to God himself draws the curtain on the enterprise called science because there will be no further attribute to be known beyond God that furnished the God particles”. We have copiously quoted the learned professor because the miraculous achievements in the areas of science and technology in recent times have misled many people, especially in the so-called developed areas of the world, in questioning the existence of our God. In these areas, agnostics and atheists foolishly question the idea and existence of God. In their shallow thought they fail to realize that there must be a beginning of everything, and that behind that beginning must be an almighty creative force which must be divine.

Theories of the beginning of the earth were postulated by these shallow thinking scientists some years ago. They theorized of a “Big Bang” which gave rise to the emergence of our earth. As scientists they should have known that their so-called “Big Bang” must have been initially excited by a cause, and that cause is our God of Creation.

A common sensible observation of our beautiful earth and its wondrous skies, oceans, forests, animals and man should lead any reasonable thinking man who is not over-dazzled and misled by the ‘wonders’ of science and technology, to trace everything to a divine creative omniscientific artist. The nature of human beings which are part material and part spirit should lead rational thinkers to a Being which has partially manifested Himself in man.

The advancement of man from the primitive gatherer of fruits in the forests to the present spiritual ability to create the flying airplanes, the deep sea submarines, and the recent stupendous conquest of space should lead us to remembering God’s statement when He created the earth and man himself.

In Genesis chapter 1 verses 26 -29, “God said: “let us create man in our own IMAGE, IN LIKENESS of ourselves, and let them be masters of the fish, of sea, the birds of heaven, the cattle, all wild beasts and aal reptiles that crawl upon the earth. God created man in the image of Himself, in the image of God He created Him, male and female”. God blessed them, saying to them, Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and CONQUER it”. (Capitals mine)

One then wonders why the so-called advanced areas of the world get over-dazzled by the fulfillment of the gifts the creator of man gave to him, and from there foolishly question the giver of all that exists and all the scientific achievements of man. Professor Fadipe’s ‘God particle’ marks the limits of the powers given by the creator to His creature man, and should not fool any rational man in thinking that the man, his earth and all creation are chance of happenings. The God particle in the atoms indicates the limits of man, his science and technology and the beginning of the divine creator our almighty and omniscientific God.

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